When Does Kricketot Evolve

Cricketot, a small, cricket-like Pokemon, has been both a mysterious and beloved companion to Pokemon trainers ever since it was introduced in the “Pokemon Diamond & Pearl” game. While many know about the joys of having a Cricketot, one of the biggest questions surrounding this Pokemon is when it will be able to evolve. Read on to discover when a Cricketot is able to take its next form.
when does kricketot evolve

1. What is Kricketot?

Kricketot is a small beetle-like Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. Its main feature is its bright red head and upper body, with a single black spot near the top, resembling a cricket’s shell. Its lower body is primarily white, and it has a black tail. Kricketot also has a pair of antennae with a single black dot at the tips.

Moves and Abilities

Kricketot has the ability to use Harden, an attack that boosts the user’s Defense. It can also learn the move Bug Bite, which lets it take out Bug-type Pokémon quickly. In addition, it also knows the moves Uproar and Echoed Voice, both of which are sound-based moves.


Kricketot can evolve into Kricketune when exposed to a Shiny Stone. Kricketune is a larger version of Kricketot with a black-and-red coloration, large mandibles, and a yellow mohawk-like crest. Its movepool expands to include moves such as Sing, Silver Wind, and X-scissor.

In The Anime

Kricketot has had a few appearances in the anime. It first appeared in the episode “Toxic Tricks” as a wild Pokémon. Later, an Alolan form of Kricketot was also seen. While it was able to use its moves to attack, it was eventually defeated by Ash’s Pikachu.

  • Type: Bug
  • Ability: Swarm
  • Egg Group: Bug
  • Evolution: Kricketot → Kricketune

2. How to Get Kricketot

Where to Look

Kricketot can be found in the wild! They can be seen popping up in meadows, forests and grassy areas. Walking around these areas, or even using items such as sweet honey or apricorns may entice them to show up. Make sure to bring some great Pokéballs with you as they are sure to run away when spotted.

Special Occasions

Certain local events may also provide unexpected opportunities to catch a Kricketot. It can be found appearing at festivals, pokedex completions, and Pokeathlon events. Keep an eye out for these special occasions—you could be the first one to land one of these critters!

Wait and See

Shadow Pokémon are a rare sighting but pay special attention to the areas where it can be found and you may be in luck! Generation IV games showed that a Kricketot is capable of appearing without an invitation.

Gift from a Friend

The final option is to have a kind hearted friend breed several Kricketot, and then let one go for you. Although the process of breeding and hatching eggs is a long one, hopefully the wait will prove to be worth it the end!

Remember, having a Kricketot is an incredibly rewarding experience and no matter how you eventually obtain one, it will remain a great addition to your team.

3. What Level Does Kricketot Evolve At?

Kricketot Evolving Requirements

So you’re prepared to level up your Kricketot? That’s wonderful! Before the evolution can take place, though, you’ll need to meet a few requirements. Here are the main two:

  • Your Kricketot must reach Level 10.
  • It must also know the move Bide.

Upon reaching these two criteria, Kricketot will officially evolve into Kricketune. Don’t forget to save up plenty of friends and candy for the big transformation. For each Kricketot you evolve into a Kricketune, an extra 50 candies are needed to make the change permanent.

It’s not going to be easy to reach level 10, though. Kricketot will need to gain XP from each specific battle it wins. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your Kricketot’s evolution, you’ll need to send it out for multiple battles and focus on training it up.

4. Factors That Effect Kricketot’s Evolution

Kricketot is a creature that loves to evolve due to its mutations and natural transformations. But, in order to fully understand how Kricketot is changing, a few critical factors must first be considered.

Availability of Resources – The environment that Kricketot finds itself in can directly impact its evolution process. For example, if the area is rich in certain minerals, Kricketot can become better adapted to scavenge resources more effectively. These resources then help to fuel further developments in the creature, allowing it to thrive in its current ecosystem.

Mutations – Kricketot’s mutations are often spurred by gene-altering events. From minor changes in eye color to more drastic shifts in the creature’s physical shape, Kricketot often uses these mutations as a way to better survive in its surroundings. As it changes, Kricketot may even gain advantages over its fellow competitors that may provide it an edge in the struggle for resources.

Predation Pressure – The presence of predators in Kricketot’s environment also has an effect on its evolution. In order to survive, Kricketot has to be constantly adapting to changes in its environment. It may need to become faster, better camouflaged, or more adept at avoiding predators in order to stay alive. Through its adaptations, Kricketot can eventually learn to thrive in the presence of predators and potentially become a top predator in its respective food chain.

  • Availability of Resources
  • Mutations
  • Predation Pressure

These are some of the major , allowing it to rise above the competition and soar to new heights. In a world of ever-changing creatures, Kricketot stands out for its unique ability to survive and grow.

5. Unlocking Kricketot’s Highest Evolution

Kricketot is one of the most beloved pocket monsters. It has a unique sound and personality, and it’s no wonder that so many trainers have made it their companion. But did you know that Kricketot has the potential to evolve into one of the strongest pocket monsters around? Here’s how to unlock its highest evolution:

Tips for Evolving Kricketot:

  • Level Up – Kricketot can only be evolved into Kricketune when it reaches Level 10.
  • Feed Kricketot – Kricketot loves sweets! Feed it enough sweet items to quickly level up.
  • Battle Often – Kricketot will level up faster if it participates in battles.
  • Give It an Evolution Stone – Using a Thunder Stone will cause Kricketot to evolve into Kricketune.

These tips will help you unlock Kricketot’s highest evolution. Kricketune is a powerful and swift pocket monster that’s capable of fierce offense and fast evasion. Plus, it’s incredibly stylish! When your Kricketot reaches Level 10, it will be ready to take on battles and show off its evolved form.

Kricketot is a beloved pocket monster, and it’s exciting to see it evolve into its highest form. With the right tips and dedication, you’ll be able to unleash Kricketune’s true power!

6. Tips for Evolving Kricketot Successfully

1. Keep It Healthy

Kricketot is a pokemon that evolves with love and care, so making sure your Petilil-precursor is in tip-top shape is essential for successful evolution. Keep it fed, hydrated, and happy! This means giving it lots of attention and lots of exercise. In addition, you’ll want to monitor its health and make sure it’s never under the weather and in need of medical attention.

2. Prioritize Training

Kricketot may love to lounge around, but the best way to ensure it evolves successfully is by incorporating frequent training into its exercise regimen. Work on the basics like running and jumping, and then venture on to more advanced tasks, such as battle training and special moves. All will aid in its evolution.

3. Play Social Games

Trainings should come with a side of social interaction – after all, Kricketot loves being around people and other pokemon! Setting up social games and boosting morale by teaching new and exciting tricks will likely be beneficial – don’t be afraid to let it have some fun!

4. Give It Love

Above all, your Kricketot needs lots of love and affection. This is the most important factor in its evolution; shower it with compliments, hugs, and positive reinforcement as much as possible! As long as it feels safe and supported, it will be primed and ready to take on the challenge.

7. Growing Your Kricketot for Maximum Attribute Growth

Aspiring Pokémon Trainers, fortify yourselves 👋 – today’s topic of discussion is one of the most integral stages of any Pokémon journey: . While it has been said that Kricketot is “born ready” to compete in Pokémon battles, a Trainer’s goal should always be to develop them beyond this point.

In this section, we shall delve into the different methods of evolving your Kricketot while amplifying their strengths. To start, we need to look at the situation it was born in:

  • Its Nature: A Kricketot’s Nature is the first step to considering its potential growth. Its Nature will decide which stats it excels in and which ones it might struggle in.
  • Its Location: In-game, where the Kricketot was found will determine what level it will start at. Lower level environments will give a Kricketot lower starting stats and visa versa.
  • Its Diet: What kind of Pokéfood a Kricketot eats can also affect its performance, with some items enhancing its stats more than others.

Based on these factors, you should be able to work out whether your Kricketot will take to battle or show more aptitude as a support Pokémon. With this in mind, it is up to you to decide how you want to guide its growth. Perhaps you will focus on making it stronger by using the varying stat-boost tools or maybe you will opt to teach it beneficial battle techniques, it is your responsibility as the Trainer to make these decisions.

It’s clear that Farfetch’d and Kricketot evolve in different situations, and it can be difficult to predict when exactly Kricketot will evolve. With some patience and careful consideration, however, you can ensure that your Kricketot develops into the beautiful Kricketune it was always meant to be. Good luck and happy training!

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