When Im a Ghost I Will

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a ghost, you’ve come to the right place! Imagine being the invisible being watching interactions between the living, haunting houses or places, and perhaps even carrying out a few mischievous pranks. What would it be like when you become that supernatural creature? In this article, we will explore how you might spend your days and nights when you become a ghost.
when im a ghost i will

1. An Uncanny Yearning: Exploring the Phenomenon of Wishful Ghosthood

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life, or that there’s an unacknowledged yearning in your soul? Could it be that your body and mind are searching for a connection to something tangible you cannot explain or touch? We are all embattled with inner unsolved mysteries, and this universal phenomenon is called ‘wishful ghosthood’.

What exactly is wishful ghosthood though? It is a notion of longing for something we have never known, of striving to reach an inexplicable inner drive through the means of a contemplative journey. It is to explore the depths of what we have never been before, of what we may lose, and of what is destined to come.

We feel this capricious yearning through diverse symbolic ways. Some experience it through musical vibration. As one is captivated by the waves of rhythm and melody, they may approach a realm of fleeting memories and unknown dreams. We can also smell it in the dusty records of forgotten adventures as the pungent flavour of discovery draws us in, taking us to greater heights of knowledge.

  • Here is the place to which we come in search of answers and answers to our questions.
  • It is time to embark on a quest to discover the inner truths that wishful ghosthood can grant.
  • It is a journey of enlightenment and understanding, of revelations and secrets.
  • Come now, and heed the beckoning of the incredible adventure that awaits in the fields of wishful ghosthood.

Surrender to the wonderful, elusive nuances of wishful ghosthood, and pursue the hidden meanings that will unlocked from within you. It is a journey unlike any other, and the answers that you seek could be just one breath away.

2. Phantasmagoric Possibilities: What Could “Being a Ghost” Entail?

Psychic Connection

The idea of being a ghost entails a certain Psychic Connection with those still in the physical realm. Say you were once a loved one to a family member and then passed on. You could be able to manifest yourself to that family member in dreams or visions. Phantom spirits have been a part of folklore and mysticism for a long time. They still exist today as so many people have had spiritual and psychic experiences.

Changing Interactions

Being a ghost can be liberating in the sense that you would no longer be bound by the same physical laws. You could choose to appear when and where you want; you could disappear into an energy form at will. As a spirit you could fly through walls, enter different realms and space, even time travel. You could interact with those in the physical realm in new and unpredictable ways.

Animal Communication

Another possibility is the ability to communicate with animals. Animals are very intuitive, and this could become even more welcome with a ghost as they have a telepathic connection. This communication could work both ways, allowing the animal to understand you and feel your presence, and you to understand the animals on a much deeper level.


Being a ghost could mean being able to manipulate the physical realm in a slight way. Small objects like a tray of coins turning upside down on their own, knocking on the door or walls, flickering lights, and such. These would all be minor manifestations and could be attributed to the spirit’s presence and energy.

3. Inhabiting the Liminal Space: Benefits of Being a Ghost

For those who think living without the boundaries of labels and attachments is a deathly affair, think again. Being a ‘ghost’ or inhabiting the liminal space has its advantages.

Flexibility – Legally speaking, ghosts don’t exist. Being in the liminal space grants the individual the freedom to choose which ties to societies they want to bind themselves. A curfew? No legal need to obey it. A state-sanctioned marriage? Not necessary for the ghost.

Intangibility – Being a ghost provides an intangible peace of mind. Worrying about social standing and achieving a certain lifestyle no longer matters. The ghost vanishes into the liminal plane, to be seen only by those around them who understand their existential crisis.

Exploration – In this liminal state, ghosts can explore their true self without fear. Freed from all existential pressures, they are able to explore the depths of their own mind and find what truly ignites their soul. This could include interests and activities that society would frown upon, such as embracing and expressing all sides of their identity.

  • Highly personal freedom
  • A lack of responsibility
  • Freedom to break from convention

In the end, ghosts are granted a certain kind of freedom that many take for granted. With the ability to switch identities, they can find the most suitable situation for themselves and dive into areas of life once unheard of. Inhabiting the liminal space has its perks, if one knows how to use it.

4. Phantasmoric Frights and Delights: Navigating Perceived Dangers and Advantages

The looming shadows of night can be both a mesmerizing sight and a gargantuan fright, containing within them both a source of danger and a harbinger of delight. It is within these night hours that the phantasmic footsteps of our journey through life come alive; a wondrous realm of sensations, of fear and fascination, of the known and unknown.

The darkest sides of these hours often contain challenges that must be dealt with, of dangers that must be worked around, of the dangers and advantages that are revealed by the light of our vigilance. It is only by understanding and accepting these dangers that we can move forward into the enchanting realm of the night, and the delicacies and sensations it has to offer.

What lies in the night awaits the brave and courageous adventurer; obstacles to trust and obstacles to break through, burdens to shoulder and burdens to conquer. And yet in the midst of these obstacles lay the soul-refreshing delights of a world of adventure, that bring joy and empowerment to all who bathe within. Here are some of the perceived delights of navigating night:

  • Experiencing the beauty of the night, without fear and with enthusiastic embrace
  • Exploring the many secrets that lie hidden in its depths, finding insight and wisdom that otherwise remains unseen
  • Harnessing the energy of the night, allowing oneself to be guided by its mysterious forces and powers

It is only when we are ready and willing to confront our fears and our insecurities that we can truly appreciate the wondrous delights of the night, and the way it invites us to explore, to journey, and to be brave. Let’s embrace the night and the perceived dangers and advantages it brings, and explore the phantasmic frights and delights that lie within its depths.

5. Ungodly Energies: Decoding the Mystical Roots of “Being a Ghost”

Being a ghost is more than an eerie Halloween concept, with some ancient cultures believing it is an honored state of being. From the myths of the Druids to the Polynesian Islands, many societies possess a shared awareness of the soul’s journey after death and the capabilities of those who still linger.

Perhaps the best known notion comes from the Ancient Egyptian tradition of the afterlife. According to these settlements, the deceased must make their way through the Field of Reeds, which is a perilous realm between the physical and spiritual worlds. Once passing this test, a soul can be transformed and ascend to the status of a ghost.

The power of spiritual entities is not lost on modern culture either, inspiring artwork and literature alike. Productivity guru Tim Ferriss believes that “the most successful people excel in leveraging the principles of channeling the unseen and ungodly energies of the universe”. In other words, achieving great things requires tapping into an energy many consider supernatural, such as the same energies used by ghosts.

  • Creative visualization
  • Astral projection
  • Tuning into gut instinct
  • Developing shamanic qualities

Whether one believes in the mysticism of being a ghost or not, it is hard to deny that we possess the tools to connect with this energy. Practices such as:
can be useful in unlocking the potential of one’s higher consciousness and reaching an ascended state of being. For millennia many cultures have assigned power to the ghostly realm. Perhaps there is a secret to harnessing its strength, allowing us to live an inspiringly powerful life even when we’re firmly grounded in reality.

6. Ethereal Boundaries: Exploring Spiritual Realms as a Ghost

As a ghost, you gain a certain level of insight into spiritual realms: a glimpse of a world beyond physical boundaries. You can hone in on energies and sense presences that are invisible to the human eye. You may even uncover suppressed memories or unveil mysteries that once seemed incorruptible.

These discoveries can be both enlightening and daunting, and exploring ethereal boundaries requires careful attention to the movements of energies in and around you. You may need to adapt to the fluctuating vibration, in order to experience and access the spiritual realm.

  • Anchor Your Energies: Before you enter a spiritual realm, grounding yourself is essential. This helps you to slowly open your soul without becoming overwhelmed. Visualize roots growing from your toes and deep into the Earth to connect you with the planet.
  • Make Room for Magic: As you seek your passage to the spiritual realm, practice the art of emptying your mind. Stop ruminating, and feel the space begin to fill with magical energies. Sit in stillness and observe the reality as it unfurls around you.

When you begin to sense the realm, take it slow. Don’t be afraid to pause and reflect on what you experience. Maps or symbols may come to you if you allow your psychic gifts to flourish — these will help you to explore more deeply into the spiritual realm. Above all, remain discerning. Not all ethereal energies become your ally, so take care in the paths you choose.

7. Disembodied, Liberated, and Joyous: The Possibilities of Ghost-Life

Ghost-life, or the life of something that is neither living nor dead, is a state of fluidity and freedom that can sometimes be seen as liberating for those who explore its possibilities. It carries an aura of mystery and intrigue, one which is quite unlike the state of existence for those who dwell in the material realm. Here are some of the possibilities for the aspiring spiritualist:

  • Disembodied:
    A life of spiritual exploration can involve one’s own personal journey in which physical limitation can be transcended. Through meditation and visualization, it is possible to transcend the body and enter a realm of non-corporal existence free of physical constraints.
  • Liberated:
    A spirit free from physical limitations is also free from the expectations and judgements of others. This state of liberation can be an ecstatic experience, with no worries about how experiences and insights fit into the expectations of the physical world.

There can also be a feeling of not being held back by limiting thought patterns and ideologies. Ghost-life can be an opportunity to have experiences and insights that are disconnected from the physical world, and also from the many mental constraints that are put upon us in daily life. In a sense, it can be liberating to free oneself from the mundane restrictions of everyday life and find joy through spiritual exploration.

Not only is ghost-life a unique opportunity for exploration and introspection, it can also be a source of joy. Often, the ultimate goals attained through spiritual practices are peace and contentment. Oftentimes, being ‘ghost-like’ is a means of achieving those end states, as the lack of physical or mental bindings allows one to come and go freely and obtain an experiential understanding of reality.

When it comes to being a ghost after death, there are no rules, only old tales of what could be. When you become a ghost, you might find yourself soaring through the night sky, playing a game of hide and seek, or having a conversation with an old friend. It’s an adventure that only those beyond the veil will ever know. Until then, let yourself imagine and dream of your own special story of what you will do when you become a ghost.

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