When is Outlast 3 Coming Out

Outlast 3 is highly anticipated by horror fans, who are eagerly awaiting a confirmed release date. Yet the popular horror franchise remains tight-lipped on when the third installment will be coming out. It seems all we can do is wait, and hope for a terrifyingly good time.

Are you a fan of horror games? Have you been eagerly awaiting news on the latest installment of the Outlast series? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at Outlast 3 and the release date to get a better look at when you’ll be able to play the horror game. Join us as we dive into the specifics and learn when you can expect to play Outlast 3!
when is outlast 3 coming out

1. The Excitement Around ‘Outlast 3’

The upcoming release of ‘Outlast 3’ is stirring up a lot of anticipation amongst fans of the horror gaming genre. With a slew of spine-tingling horror elements, this third installment from developer Red Barrels looks to raise the bar for horror games.

Fans of ‘Outlast 1’ and ‘Outlast 2’ can expect the same high-quality survival horror experience, along with a unique glimpse into a never before seen universe. Though unconfirmed, some believe the game will contain new puzzles, deeper levels, and more intense action.

The game promises an intense journey into an unknown world, and is sure to keep your emotions on a rollercoaster ride. Killer graphics and an engaging storyline are sure to keep you at your wits end with every turn. Key features include:

  • Multiple levels each leading the player down an unpredictable and bloody pathway.
  • Delve into an incredibly rich and detailed environment
  • Engrossing special effects and scary cut scenes
  • Completely overhauled in-game creatures.

‘Outlast 3’ will certainly be the next greatest horror gaming experience, and the perfect addition to any horror fan’s collection. Stay tuned for more updates from Red Barrels and be prepared for the scariest thrill ride of your life.

2. Understanding The Hype

Humility To The Hype

Whenever we hear about a new product or a trending concept, we instinctually relish in the anticipation of potential value and assume that it will be awesome – this is the effect of the ‘Hype’.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that we recognise that sometimes, there is nothing of real substance to the hype. Whether that be a product, trend or service, it pays to have a balanced approach and not fall victim to the possible exaggeration of claims.

It is helpful to have a few guiding principles to help distinguish between proper value, and faux-value:

  • Look for third-party reviews and opinions;
  • Cross-reference with other sources;
  • Seek the metric for reward versus risk;
  • Review the actual track-record;

Once we understand the true power of the Hype, we can simply remove the blanket of exaggeration. That’s how we get to the heart of the real value.

3. What We Currently Know About ‘Outlast 3’

No Release Date

The official release date for Outlast 3 has yet to be confirmed. While speculation amongst devoted gamers suggests a 2021 timeline, no official announcements have been made regarding the anticipated game’s launch. Consequently, fans of the Outlast franchise are eagerly awaiting any further information.


At this point in time, we know that Outlast 3 can be expected to arrive on PC and the Playstation 4. While no information has been released about other potential platforms, the game’s developers have not yet ruled out that the game could be made available on Xbox consoles and other devices.


What we are certain of in regards to Outlast 3 is that it will continue in the line of the two earlier editions. Although the storylines of the first two games were vastly different, there remains a common theme of psychological horror. What we don’t yet know is who or what the main source of antagonist will be, and the sorts of puzzle-solving skills required from players.


Further details of the game’s mechanics have not been revealed, but we can make some informed guesses. We know that survival, like its predecessors, will be a key component. Expect your character to find themselves in a number of nail-bitingly dangerous scenarios, from which a combination of both hide-and-seek tactics and improvised hands-on methods will be necessary for escape.

  • Elements of the game are likely to be set in a dark and chilling environment.
  • Players are sure to be called upon to make difficult decisions in order to progress.
  • Slow-paced tension is likely to be a central theme.

Essentially, it is still a mystery as to what Outlast 3 holds in store. All we can do as fans of the series is sit tight and wait for further developments.

4. Theories Around ‘Outlast 3’s’ Release Date

Outlast Franchise’s Popularity

The Outlast franchise has undoubtedly been a great success among horror fans, with the first game being released in 2013, followed by Outlast 2 in 2017. With the horror-adventure genre becoming more popular over the years, it is no surprise that fans of the franchise have been speculating about the coming installment, Outlast 3.

Eager Anticipation

Ever since its announcement, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Outlast 3, although no release date has been given as of yet. Speculations have ranged from 2021 to sometime in 2025, while some theorise its release will be much sooner.

Rumors Galore

Some of these theories were sparked by the official Twitter account of Outlast stating ‘See you in 2021’ in response to an eager fan, while others believe the game’s release will come around the same time the original Outlast trilogy was released in 2013. Along further theorizing, some are speculating Outlast 3 will only release on new-gen consoles to make the most of the capabilities of these powerful gaming machines.

Red Barrels’ Timeline

Red Barrels, the company behind Outlast, is yet to make an official statement indicating when the game will actually be released. However, it’s believed the studio is adhering to the following timeline-release plan: Outlast in 2013, Outlast 2 in 2017, and Outlast 3 in 2021. The studio has remained silent on the matter, so only time will tell.

It is unclear what direction Red Barrels will take or when the game will release, but what is certain is that fans of the Outlast franchise are more than excited for the third installment.

5. Why We Need To Be Patient

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6. How To Stay Up To Date On ‘Outlast 3’s’ Release

If you are looking to stay up-to-speed with the newest developments of ‘Outlast 3’, you’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of all the recent news. Staying on top of the release of the hotly-anticipated game will help to ensure that you don’t miss any important announcements and that you remain one step ahead of the competition. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay in the loop.

  • Keep Your Eye On Industry News – Stay informed by regularly checking industry news and new outlets for the latest ‘Outlast 3’ developments. Most of these sources are updated in real-time and are likely to provide any breaking news and predictions.
  • Follow The Developer And Publisher – Many developers and publishers are active on social media and are likely to drop hints and sneak peeks for the next iteration of the series. Follow their accounts and hashtags to keep up to date with all the latest news.

Another way you can stay on top of release news is to join forums and discussion groups dedicated to the ‘Outlast’ franchise. It’s possible to receive plenty of advice and tips about the game as well as rumors about upcoming developments. You could even use these platforms to talk directly to other ‘Outlast’ fans and tap into a wealth of knowledge about any potential spots and tricks.

Finally, be sure to stay in contact with your friends and colleagues who may be playing the game or who have knowledge about the franchise. Having this kind of direct access to an experienced group of individuals can ensure that you’re always one step ahead and that you never miss a beat when it comes to the ‘Outlast 3’ release.

7. What’s Next For The ‘Outlast’ Franchise?

Given the popularity of the Outlast video game franchise, many are wondering what’s next for the horror series. From the original Outlast, to the Outlast Whistleblower mission, and finally the long-awaited sequel, Outlast II – the developers have demonstrated a commitment to continuously deliver thrilling horror experiences.

First and foremost, they are planning on releasing some free downloadable content (DLC) for all platforms that Outlast II is offered on. This content will be based around its antagonist, the “Demonic Father.” There isn’t too much information yet as to what the content covers, but it is sure to provide an even spookier atmosphere and nightmarish plot. It’s also been hinted at that players may experience the story through the perspective of the Demonic Father himself.

Not to be left behind, the original Outlast will also receive some free DLC. It will take players back to a familiar asylum, with greater insight into fan favorite characters. It is safe to suggest that the story will be more intense and unforgiving than ever before. Fans of the series can expect some old school jump scares and a unique and refreshing twist.

The developers have something else up their sleeve as well – an upcoming VR experience based off the Outlast franchise. No details have been revealed, but its safe to say fans can expect a truly immersive and intense experience that will take their virtual reality horror fantasies to another level.

Outlast 3 promises to be an exciting installment in the Outlast gaming series, but the release date is still shrouded in mystery. Until the Thekla development team reveals when we can expect the next installment, why not take some time to revisit past Outlast games while you wait?

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