Why Are My Hands Always Cold Even in Summer

It’s mid-July and you’ve broken out the shorts and tees, but no matter what season it may be one thing remains the same: your hands are always freezing. You can’t understand why your hands feel like icicles no matter how hot it is outside. What gives? In this article, you’ll discover why it may be that your hands are always so cold, even during the warm summer months.
why are my hands always cold even in summer

1. The Science Behind Cold Hands in the Summer

There are few things as confusing as having cold hands on a hot summer’s day. With breathtaking temps outside, how can our hands possibly remain chilly?

is surprisingly straightforward. It’s essentially a matter of sweat: our body sweats to cool itself down and can only do so much when our hands are exposed to the elements. When our hands become too warm, there isn’t enough to keep them cool.

In addition, cold hands in the summer can be caused by an increased flow of blood from the body to other parts such as hands and feet. To keep our body temperature regulated, our bodies pump warm, oxygenated blood to our extremities. Unfortunately, this lowers the temperature of our hands.

No matter the cause, there are a few easy steps to warm back up:

  • Hot showers: Let the warm water soothe your chilly hands.
  • Warm drinks: Hot tea, coffee, and other warm drinks will help heat from the inside out.
  • Clothing: Wrapping our hands in a warm piece of clothing will help them retain heat.

At the end of the day, cold hands in the summer are nothing to worry about. Simple self-care steps can help us feel warmer in no time.

2. Expert Tips on Keeping Your Hands Warm in Warm Weather

If your hands tend to get cold in warm weather, here are some expert tips to keep them warm and toasty!

Pack Mittens/Gloves Ahead of Time

Make sure to pack a pair of gloves or mittens in your backpack or day bag ahead of time. When you first feel the chilly wind, you can reach into your bag and pull out some extra warmth. Even if it’s a warm day, chances are you’ll need at least a pair of fingerless gloves for a day outdoors!

Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated in warm weather to prevent dehydration and prevent your hands from becoming cold. You may also want to fill up a bottle with warm water for those cold days when your hands starting to turn a shade of blue. Not only will it help your body stay warm, but it could also give your hands a little bit of extra warmth.

Dress in Layers

Layering is the key to staying warm in any weather. Choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, or wool that will keep your body warm without adding too much bulk. Make sure you can easily peel off an extra layer or add one when you need it. This will regulate your body temperature and keep your hands warm all day.

Avoid Over-Exposure to the Elements

It is important to remember to stay out of cold drafts and avoid exposing your hands to the elements. Try to stay in the shade when it’s hot or the sun is strong, and wear gloves when the wind is strong. Use a scarf to cover your neck and face to keep warm air close to your body and to minimize wind chill.

3. The Psychological Impact of Having Cold Hands in Summer

Having cold hands in summer can have a big psychological impact. It can affect how you interact socially and can interfere with the very activities you hope to enjoy during the summer months.

The summer is a time for relaxation and socializing with others. If you have cold hands, you might feel embarrassed to talk to people or you might avoid social situations altogether. It can be tough to feel out of place when everyone else is enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Having cold hands can also make it difficult to perform certain activities. For example, those who have cold hands often find it difficult to go swimming or take part in other activities that involve physical contact with water. This can make enjoying the summer heat more difficult.

Also, cold hands can lead to a loss in confidence. For those whose hands are always cold, you might start to feel like you are not as attractive as other people or that others are more interesting than you. You might also have a tendency to withdraw from social situations and lack the confidence to pursue the activities you want to enjoy.

  • Embarrassment in social situations
  • Difficulty performing certain activities
  • Loss in confidence

Having cold hands in summer can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a hindrance. With the right approaches, you can still enjoy the summer season and all it has to offer.

4. Home Remedies to Keep Your Hands Warm in the Summer

1. Wear Wool Gloves

Wearing breathable, lightweight wool gloves is one of the simplest ways to keep your hands warm during the summer months. If you find gloves to be too restrictive or uncomfortable, you can opt for a pair of fingerless gloves to increase ventilation and dexterity.

2. Use Hot Water Bottles

Another easy way to keep your hands warm during the summer months is by filling a hot water bottle or a heat pack with warm water, such as a heated banana bag. Once it’s filled, keep it nestled in your pocket or attach it to your body using an elastic strap. You can also fill a glass jar with warm water and place your hands in it to warm up quickly.

3. Protect Yourself from Wind and Cold

If you’re going out during a windy or cold summer day, wearing thick warm gloves are key. Try to wear a long-sleeved shirt or a thin hanging cardigan to protect yourself from the wind and cold. Additionally, you should make sure to dress in layers, which will help to retain heat and keep you warm.

4. Exercise and Stay Hydrated

A good way to keep your hands warm is by performing certain exercises such as stretching, rhythmic waves, and rotating your wrists. This will help to improve your blood circulation, which in turn will allow your hands to remain warm. Additionally, staying hydrated will also help you to remain warm as it helps to regulate your body temperature.

5. When to See Your Doctor for Cold Hands in Summer

Although cool hands can be a sign of low body temperature, it is usually normal to have cold hands in summer. But there are times when cold hands should alert you to take the necessary medical precautions.

1. Unexplained Coldness: Cold hands can alert you to the presence of an underlying medical condition, such as anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, heart disease or other circulation issues. If you experience cold hands and there is no logical explanation for your chilly digits, such as taking a walk in cold weather or being too far away from a heater, then it is a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor.

2. Increasing Coldness: If your cold hands become increasingly cold, visit your doctor. Changes in your body’s core temperature can indicate a serious health issue, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or even shock. A doctor can help you find out if you are suffering from any of these conditions.

3. PainfulPaleness: If your cold hands also accompany paleness and appear painful, it is important to seek medical attention. This could be a sign of nerve damage, vascular issues, or Raynaud’s Syndrome. All of these conditions require medical care.

4. Chronic Issues: If you experience cold hands on a regular basis for no apparent reason, speak with your doctor. There may be an underlying medical condition causing your chronic cold hands, and it is important to be aware of any potential medical issues.

  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart Disease
  • Circulation Issues
  • Nerve Damage
  • Vascular Issues
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome

6. Simple and Natural Ways to Manage Cold Hands in Warm Weather

Warm weather isn’t always a blessing for those who suffer from cold hands. The good news is, there are simple, natural, and easy ways to keep your hands warm no matter the temperature.

1. Eat Foods Rich in Niacin and Vitamin B6

Foods that are high in fat-soluble vitamins including vitamins B6 and niacin can help in the promotion of healthy blood circulation. Foods like tuna, peanuts, avocados, eggs, and salmon are all beneficial for supporting healthy circulation. Regularly incorporating these foods into your diet can help in the prevention of cold hands.

2. Add Spices and Herbs to Your Dishes

Spices such as cinnamon, garlic, cayenne pepper, and ginger have all been known to help with promoting healthy blood circulation. By adding these to your dishes, your hands will have a better chance of staying warm throughout the day. You can also make your own teas out of these spices to help in the war against cold hands.

3. Wear Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm in any situation. Plus, you don’t have to worry with the added worry of bulky gloves blocking your fingers. There are a variety of materials these fingerless gloves come in, like cotton, wool, or acrylic. Put them on when room temperatures start to dip and keep your hands at a comfortable level.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercising can help promote healthier blood flow, which can help keep your hands stay warmer. Ideally, exercising outside can allow your body the change to adjust to the climate around. You can do simple exercises like stretching or running that don’t require equipment.

7. When to Invest in Winter Gloves Even in the Summer

When the bitter winds start to blow, you know its time to start layering up with scarves, hats and gloves. But if you’ve been caught without the necessary winter wear in the past, you may be wondering when it’s best to invest in winter gloves even during summer months.

The best time to buy winter gloves is when temperatures start to dip as the seasons change. If you anticipate needing them, prepping for winter in the summer allows you to stock up without falling prey to price hikes. It also gives you plenty of options when it comes to finding your favorite style and fit, as stores start to reduce their stock. With an abundance of colors, fabrics, and finishes, finding a pair of gloves to suit you is easy.

  • You can get the best quality winter gloves as the winter months near, as manufacturers release their winter products in bulk. This gives you the greatest selection and the highest quality items.
  • Make sure you shop around & compare prices, as the colder weather lead to increases in demand, and you can find the best deals online or in your local store.
  • If you’re considering sporting gloves, then you can also ensure that you buy the most appropriate gloves for your activity. Whether ice skating or skiing, you’re sure to find winter gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

The earlier you buy winter gloves, the more prepared you will be for when the first cold winds come around. Even if you’re in need of winter gloves during the summer months, you can make sure you never have to face a bout of freezing cold fingers ever again.

If you’ve been struggling with icy-cold hands, even in the warmest temperatures of the summer, don’t worry—you’re not alone! Hopefully this article has helped you understand the causes behind your chilly appendages, and maybe even inspired some useful ideas to help keep your hands toasty. Keep your gloves nearby and your spirits high—you’ve got this!

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