Why Does Everyone Hate Trae Young

At only 22, Trae Young is already one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA. While loved by some for his flashy style of play and record-breaking stats, others find his rise to stardom dangerous and disagreeable. So why does everyone hate Trae Young?

One of the NBA’s rising stars, Trae Young has been turning heads since his 2017 draft. Despite his impressive accolades and impressive skill set, Young has garnered a lot of criticism throughout his NBA career. Many people consider him to be overhyped, and his style often gets labeled as being inconvenient for the team. Why does everyone seem to dislike Trae Young? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind the hate and discover why there are so many people that have an unfavorable opinion of him.
why does everyone hate trae young

1. Trae Young’s Momentous Rise to Fame

In one momentous year, recently turned NBA rookie Trae Young has seen his stock soar and his star power on the rise.

After a successful season in college with the Oklahoma Sooners, Trae Young entered the 2018 NBA Draft with much hype. The point guard had all the necessary tools to make an impact in the big leagues, and it showed in his first season with the Atlanta Hawks.

Young quickly established himself as a standout of the team, and not just because of his innate talent. Some of the key factors in his meteoric success include:

  • Unshakeable self-belief
  • Solid relationship with his team-mates
  • Unsurpassed perseverance and commitment

In 2019, the All-Star Game selection was Young’s most significant professional accomplishment so far, and it only signified the beginning of his journey in the pros. The dual threat guard has become an invaluable asset for the Hawks, putting up career-high numbers in the most recent season. Not to mention, he’s already firmly cemented his legacy as one of the most prolific three-point shooters in history.

2. Perceived Attitude Adjustments and Fan Criticisms

When it comes to criticism, sports teams usually get their share – some deservedly more than others. But in the case of the Hawks, expectations for success have only tumbled even after the team’s recent attitude adjustments. Fans have picked up on a new sense of effort and enthusiasm from the players and coaching staff.

An increased level of energy has been observed on and off the field- ranging from added depth in the roster to more engaging practices and team-building opportunities. However, these attempts at guiding the team in a better direction haven’t been able to help the team’s on-court performance so far.

Even though the environment around the team appears brighter, their consecutive losses have made it difficult for fans to stay optimistic. Ultimately, the proof will be on the court, and without a dramatic shift in results, the Hawks are still going to have to answer to their critics.

Below is a listing of some common criticisms of the Hawks:

  • Lack of Depth – The Hawks have not been able to field a lineup consisting of a variety of players in order to have more depth.
  • Significant Shooting Issues – The team’s offensive struggles have been particularly glaring from beyond the arc.
  • Mental Mistakes – Untimely turnovers and other mental mistakes have been the unfortunate Achilles’ heel of the Hawks.
  • Too Many Injuries – Numerous injuries throughout various times of the season have brought the Hawks down at certain points.

3. Off-Court Missteps Derail Trae’s Reputation

Trae Young, the electric Atlanta Hawks’ guard, has had an electrifying run since he was selected fifth overall in the 2018 NBA Draft. Fans have watched on as he’s become one of the premier players in the league in just his first few seasons, but his career has been marred with off-court missteps.

Young’s off-court missteps have damaged his reputation among both basketball circles and the public at large. One of his earliest mistakes was getting in a heated exchange with an anonymous Twitter user that he believed to be former Hawks’ general manager Danny Ferry in January 2019. The beef continued to spread and damage Trae’s reputation, even going so far as to include a few of his ATL teammates.

Unfortunately, many of Young’s off-court missteps have caught up with him. His posturing on social media, coupled with his outbursts at referees, have served to hurt his brand and negate some of his accomplishments. His comments, instead of conveying a competitive ferocity, are viewed as disrespectful.

Trae’s off-court missteps have cast a negative light on an otherwise stellar rise into stardom. While he continues to impress on the court with his deep threes and pinpoint passing, he must also adhere to a higher standard of professionalism off the court if he is to reach the next level as a league-wide superstar.

4. Loud Mouth Media Viewers Taking Their Claims Too Far

In a world where speculation, conspiracy theories, and hearsay are often considered reliable sources and shared through social media, it’s not surprising that there are loud mouth media viewers who take their claims too far. But this can have far-reaching and damaging consequences.

Misinformation: Wrong information, unverified facts and figments of imagination being shared as gospel is becoming too common. Such misinformation can create chaos and confusion, fueling debates while interfering with truth and reality. This could create obstacles to harnessing collective action, impacting our sense of security and trust in social media.

Unprofessional Sources: Unverified and seemingly-credible sources of information can lead to misunderstandings and false beliefs. It’s important to verify and get the right facts before passing judgments and opinions from the horse’s mouth, to avoid leaving blind spots of ignorance.

Reinterpreting & Misinterpreting: It isn’t just the media viewers—audiences equally have a responsibility to interpret what they listen and what they watch accurately, and to approach it with an open and logical mind. Understand what the facts are, instead of relying on interpretations others come up with without verifiable evidence.

  • Never jump to conclusions and never aim for misinformation.
  • Aim for accurate, verified facts instead of opinions.
  • Always verify the sources you interpret.
  • Go to the original uninterpreted sources.

5. An Undeserved Narrative: Overlooking Trae Young’s Impact

Trae Young has been unfairly overlooked during his time in the NBA. He has been the source of criticism since the start of his collegiate career, and it has followed him in the pros. However, he has remained unfazed, using the doubts to fuel him and his team to success. Here are five ways Trae Young is not receiving the recognition he deserves:

  • Assist Machine: Despite playing in only his second season, Trae Young has racked up assists at an unprecedented rate. With two assists per game, he is the first person in NBA history to record that milestone. This is a huge accomplishment and one that should not be taken lightly.
  • Diverse Scoring: Trae Young is capable of putting the ball in the hoop in a multitude of ways. He can hit from anywhere on the court – from three-point land to the mid-range – making him an extremely dangerous weapon on the offensive side.
  • Draws Double Teams – When Trae Young is on the court, he often draws double teams due to his scoring ability. This opens up the floor and allows his teammates to be one-on-one and create easy scoring opportunities.
  • Floor General: Trae Young has become one of the best floor generals in the NBA. He can read the defense and control the pace of the game better than most point guards. He is also always willing to motivate his teammates and lead by example.

The bottom line is, Trae Young has been an impactful player since he stepped onto the court. The impact he brings to the game should not go unrecognized and his talent should be validated. As the Atlanta Hawks move forward with their rebuild, Trae Young should be the number one focal point.

6. The Inevitable Resurgence of Trae Young’s Popularity

The seemingly unstoppable popularity of Basketball phenom Trae Young has gone through a few ebbs and flows in the past few years. Initially bursting onto the scene during his college days marked with stunts and upsets that garnered headlines everywhere, his foray into the professional game was considered a tough one. Seeing his first season bounce from a dream start to end with disappointing stats and a third place finish in the Rookie of the Year ballot was highly disheartening. But all that’s in the past; Trae Young is ready for resurgence.

The numbers tell the story: Since the start of his second season in the NBA, Trae Young has drastically improved the quality of his game. Not only has his points per game jumped up by 6 in just a span of one season, but he has also shown an impressive capability to make plays and find the open man, averaging a total of 9 assists per game – 6 more than his rookie season. All these developments have already placed him in contention for a potential All-Star spot.

But the development of Trae Young does not stop there. This season, his shooting percentage has jumped by an impressive 3 points accompanied by strong 3-point numbers that lead the league among point guards. Not to mention, he is currently scoring an average of 28 points per game, a figure that places him in the famed “30 PPG” club.

As his game deepens even more and the 2019-2020 All Star voting nears, is dawning. Young’s detractors are unable to ignore his growth, and he is now in clear contention for All-Star appearances with the potential of reaching even higher successes. It is only a matter of time until the shooting star Trae Young reaches the height of his popularity once more.

7. Uniting to Support Trae Young’s Continued Success

Trae Young’s basketball career is blooming with every passing day. He has become one of the most sought after players in the league in an incredibly short period of time. His success is something that everyone in the basketball community, from fans to players and experts in the business, can all agree on.

It’s no surprise that everyone is eager to rally behind Trae Young, and his fan-base continues to grow. He has a growing number of supporters who show their unwavering loyalty and encourage Trae in all of his future endeavors. The bond between the fans, players, and Trae is evident in his performances.

A true testament to Trae’s success is the increasing number of basketball enthusiasts tuning in to his games. It is a remarkable achievement and one that deserves support from everyone. Whether it is cheering him on from the sidelines or showing your solidarity through merchandise, being a part of the growing family is a great way to show your encouragement.

Despite the growing number of fans, it is still a team effort to support Trae during the game and Celebrate his successes. It’s safe to say that when it comes to Trae Young, the entire sports world is united, and we look forward to his success in the future.

  • Share your support for Trae Young with the rest of the basketball world.
  • Show your solidarity, whether it be by attending games or purchasing merchandise.
  • Unite with players and fans from around the world to back Trae.
  • Celebrate his successes and encourage him in the future.

At the end of the day, the jury is still out on the much-debated issue of why everyone hates Trae Young. While it’s easy to speculate, it’s ultimately unclear why this attitude exists – whether it’s the result of his unusual style of play or something else entirely. Undoubtedly, there will continue to be plenty of discussion about this topic as it evolves in the near future.

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