Why Isn T Big Chief on No Prep Kings

No Prep Kings is one of the most popular street racing shows on TV today. Race fans from around the globe tune in every week to witness some of the most intense drag races on television. However, one of the most notable racers, Big Chief, has been absent from the show this season. So why isn’t Big Chief on No Prep Kings? That is the mystery that we will attempt to unravel in this article. Read on to learn more about the story behind his mysterious absence and discover how some fans are working to bring him back.
why isn t big chief on no prep kings

1. Missing Icon: Big Chief is MIA from Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Big Chief is missing from the new season of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. With the show’s finale airing just last week, the fans were hoping to see more of Chief’s classic Pontiac LeMans; but it appears that Chief himself was missing from the finale.

The absence of Chief could be due to the recent scandal surrounding the Street Outlaws star. Although details remain scarce, some speculate that Chief has been barred from the show by the producers for “illegal activities”. Others assume that Chief was simply too busy with other projects to appear in the show.

Whatever the reason, Street Outlaws fans have one less thrill to look forward to this season. With Chief missing from the show, the remaining racers have been left to their own devices. To pick up the slack, fans can expect to see more daredevil stunts from the likes of Murder Nova, Chuck, and Monza.

What’s more, viewers can still expect to enjoy some good old-fashioned racing action. Fans will still get to see their favorite racers competing in epic drag races and no-prep races, with the added bonus of some of the biggest names in drag racing making special appearances. Be prepared for some exciting racing and thrills each episode!

Race Highlights Without Big Chief:

  • Fiercely competitive races
  • Thrilling stunts from Chuck, Murder Nova, and Monza
  • Epic drag races between the toughest racers
  • Special appearances by famous drag racers

2. Examining Big Chief’s Absence from the Franchise

Exploring His Disappearance

The abrupt departure of Big Chief from the popular reality television franchise left fans confused and bewildered. How could the face of the show suddenly vanish? Did something happen off screen?

The Big Chief had been a series regular from its outset. He had become so recognisable that his absence left a noticeable void. Unanswered questions lingered in fans, and the only thing they agree on is that Big Chief was mistreated. He didn’t seem to receive the same respect his other castmates enjoyed.

Several versions of the truth circulated. According to Big Chief’s camp, the showrunners weren’t upholding their end of the contract, leading to his departure. Others speculated that he was asked to leave because of his controversial personality traits.

In the end, Big Chief moved on to other projects. Despite not sharing the whole truth, his absence was accepted. His replacement wasn’t the same, yet the show still remained a favourite among its viewers.

While fans never got the full explanation, Big Chief’s departure deserves respect. He is a beloved figure in the franchise and his impact has left a lasting imprint.

3. The Details Behind Big Chief’s Exit from No Prep Kings

After a historic three-season run on No Prep Kings, Big Chief made the difficult decision to exit the show. He leaves behind a legacy of successes, which fans will not soon forget.

Big Chief brought an unprecedented level of competitiveness to No Prep Kings. He boldly entered into an unimaginable showdown of racers. Among the participants challenged, Big Chief raised the stakes by building his car into the most advanced machine on the track. His noble upgrades sent shockwaves throughout the racing community.

Intense rivalries, exciting victories, and extraordinary losses occurred throughout Big Chief’s tenure. Fans worriedly watched scenes of his car on fire, dragged off the track, and rebuilt from the ground up. No matter what the situation, Big Chief was ever determined to take the wheel and come back stronger than before.

Big Chief’s determination and eye for speed earned him a diehard fanbase. The fierceness of his motor and willingness to take risks solidified his place in the No Prep Kings hall of fame. His future as a racer may be uncertain, but fans everywhere still celebrate his remarkable accomplishments.

4. Life After No Prep Kings: What Big Chief Has Been Doing Since

The bright lights of No Prep Kings may not be shining on Big Chief any more, but that doesn’t mean he’s been sitting idle. Far from it – Big Chief has kept rolling and taken on a variety of opportunities.

Family Engagement – Big Chief already has a full house, but that hasn’t stopped him from adding more members. He took a break from street racing to welcome a new addition to his family – a beautiful baby boy named Covik.

  • Posting a video of the birth of his son online, Big Chief showed there are always special occasions to celebrate.
  • He’s also taken advantage of his newfound fatherhood to show off his soft side by taking multiple pictures of himself with his son.

Show Host – Big Chief has sharpened up his wardrobe and turnbuckles his mic to take on an entirely new role – as host of Street Outlaws: New Orleans. In his tenure, Chief has taken the show from a 0.9 average rating to a 1.67.

  • Big Chief took the background persona of street racers and injected some much needed moderation to the show.
  • In each episode, we see Big Chief don a mysterious quilted bomber jacket and take the time to share a few words of insight.
  • Big Chief is an integral part of the show, a necessary face to give advice to the racers.

5. What The Show Could Do Differently Without Big Chief

Changing the Format

Street Outlaws has captivated audiences with its head-to-head drag races and intense rivalries, but without Big Chief, it’s time to shake things up a bit. As the show moves forward on the new road, perhaps it should consider a new format. Maybe even going from a competition to a showcase, as some other car-related shows have done. That would offer more variety and showcase more of the talented mechanics and fabricators that make the nation’s top street legal cars so impressive.

New Challenges

It’s time to re-imagine the challenges the racers take on. Sure, drag racing is always exciting, but without Chief running the show, Street Outlaws can expand its reach into other racing genres. Time trials and autocross are just two of the competition-style events the show could incorporate that would help even the playing field between cars that have been in the 405 establishment for years and those that have barely made it onto the track.

Incorporating New Faces

The show might finally be ready to bring in some much-needed new blood. With Chief no longer playing the role of a mentor, the show could gain some fresh, new young faces that fans can relate to. The 405 could lighten up on the serious, cutthroat nature it has been known for, and open its doors for some younger drivers with lots of enthusiasm and ambition.

Revamping the Races

One thing is for sure – the races need some revamping if the show is going to survive without Big Chief. Even if the show goes back to its drag racing roots, it should consider a different format to add some more drama. Maybe focus on building up to the race instead of just the final showdown? Or, the show could consider presenting the drivers with fake challenges before the final race to add some intrigue. No matter the case, Street Outlaws should make sure the races don’t simply become drag races with a different name.

6. Why His Departure From No Prep Kings Is Unfortunate for Fans

No Prep Kings fans feel unlucky about the show’s leading star’s departure since he is set to become an irreplaceable part of the franchise.

Fans of the show have loved watching their favorite drag race series on their screens for the past few years. It has taken them on a wild ride and the characters, especially the eponymous star, have become household names. The loss of him from No Prep Kings is hardly something supporters wanted to see.

No Prep Kings is anchored by its charismatic host and the show will miss him dearly. His witty one-liners and sage advice sprinkled throughout the drag races gives it an aura of excellence.

Not only was he instrumental in engaging viewers, he also encouraged the contestants to push their limits and take risks. As a result, it has made the show more entertaining and educational. With him not on board for the next season, fans of the show are conscious of the fact that it can be harder for the franchise to garner the same ratings they have acheived in the past.

  • The loss of the host has been offsetting for his fans
  • He was the anchor of the show
  • His personality was a valuable additon
  • Without him, the franchise may struggle to bring in the same ratings

7. The Possibility of a Big Chief Return to No Prep Kings

The racing fans of No Prep Kings are abuzz with the news of a potential return of the Big Chief. He is one of the racers who have helped pave the way and shaped the sport in its current iteration. His return could possibly be a spark of further excitement for the already beloved franchise.

Whether he would return to the sport as a contestant, or a track promoter, his mark on the culture would surely leave an impression. This “King of the Streets” has been noted as one of the earliest racers to focus efforts on drag and no-prep races.

Regardless of decision, it would be exciting to have Big Chief back in the driver’s seat. He brings unique skills, talent and charisma, as well as championship winning experience. His presence is sure to draw in some new fans who are familiar with his success and his former show Street Outlaws.

The future of Big Chief and No Prep Kings will have to be seen in due time. But one thing is for sure – if he does make an appearance, the entire drag racing community will be on their feet in excitement.

We’ve taken a look at why Big Chief is absent from No Prep Kings and why he’s one to watch. With his powerful engines and daring on-track maneuvers, he has established himself as a formidable campaigner and a fan favorite in the racing circuit. Despite him being absent from No Prep Kings this season, fans anticipate that Big Chief will be back to win even more races and be the racing hero that he is.

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