When Are Kiwi in Season

If you’ve ever tasted a sweet and tangy kiwi, you know that they are one of the best fruits out there. But, when exactly is the time to enjoy this delicious delicacy? The good news is that kiwi are in season throughout the year, with some peaks in different months depending on where you are located. So, read on for all you need to know on when kiwi are in season!
when are kiwi in season

1. The Timing of Kiwi Season

Kiwis are in season in the summer and fall, with most areas seeing peak kiwi harvests in late summer and early fall. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, kiwi season will usually start around November and run through June. In some areas, kiwis can be found sooner or later than these general parameters.

When searching for kiwi fruits in season, look for those that have the slightest give when you squeeze gently. The skin should be smooth and free of cuts and bruises. If you want to guarantee that you’re getting the freshest, sweetest kiwis available, consider planting your own trees or vines. Kiwis grown in home gardens usually require no more care than other fruit trees.

Kiwis can be an excellent addition to many dishes, both sweet and savory. They can be a tasty addition to salads, cooked dishes, smoothies, jams and jellies and even tea. Try some of these recipes for inspiration:

  • Kiwi Salsa
  • Kiwi Chutney
  • Kiwi Fruit Compote
  • Kiwi Sorbet

No matter how you decide to enjoy kiwis in season, be sure to take advantage of the freshness and sweetness they bring to meals before the season is over.

2. Reasons for Varying Kiwi Availability

The availability of incredible fresh New Zealand kiwifruit is indeed astounding considering the long distances these delicious snacks are able to travel. The supply of kiwifruit, however, is not always consistent due to a multitude of reasons.

Seasonal Quantity Change
Kiwifruit is typically available all year round, but the sheer quantity of the fruit shifts with the seasons. As the demand and supply of kiwifruit changes, so do the prices.

Weather Seasonality
The amount of kiwi harvested can vary depending on the weather that season. If the growing season experiences too much rain, this can lead to an increase in waterlogged, low-quality fruit being produced. This can discourage farmers from harvesting, resulting in a decrease in availability of new kiwi.

Input Variations
When it comes to getting the best out of a piece of fruit, the harvesting and storage methods can have a massive impact on the quality of the kiwifruit at the point of sale. Different harvesting techniques, storage temperatures, and picking techniques can affect the availability and quality of kiwi in a big way.

  • Different harvesting techniques can lead to variations in the available quantity.
  • Incorrect storage temperatures can make the kiwifruit more susceptible to rot or spoilage.
  • Differing picking techniques (such as immature or mature picking) can lead to differences in sweet/tart flavour balance.

3. Types of Kiwi and Their Peak Seasons

Kiwi Fruit – An ancient and exotic fruit, kiwi is one of the most beloved fruits worldwide. Its flavor has been described as a combination of strawberry, banana and pineapple. It is full of vitamins and other nutrients, and offers an array of health benefits.

The most common type of kiwi is the Hayward variety, which has a smooth, brown exterior and a bright green interior. It is usually about the size of a chicken egg and has a unique fuzzy texture. This type of kiwi is know for being sweet and tangy, and is ideal for snacking, dishes, and salads.

Other types of kiwi include the most popular Golden Kiwi. With its smooth golden finish, it has a sweeter taste than the Hayward variety. The Golden variety peaks in the summer months. The Zespri Green variety is a bit larger and juicier. It has a slightly tart taste and its peak season is mid-summer. Lastly, the Zespri Red variety has a unique red exterior and a sweet, juicy taste. It also peaks in mid-summer.

  • Kiwi Fruit – sweet and tangy; peak season in the early summer
  • Golden Kiwi – smooth golden finish, sweet taste; peak season in the summer months
  • Zespri Green – larger and juicier; peak season in mid-summer
  • Zespri Red– unique red exterior, sweet and juicy; peak season in mid-summer

Kiwi is an exotic and delicious fruit available to be enjoyed year-round. With four types of kiwi, there is something for everyone. However, it’s important to know when each type of kiwi is at its peak. Fortunately, each type of kiwi has its own peak season for ideal freshness. Enjoy some of the freshest, ripest, and sweetest kiwi whenever your favorite type is available – you won’t regret it!

4. Tips for Picking the Perfect Kiwi

Perfectly ripe kiwis are sweet, juicy and packed full of flavor to make the most delicious treat. Achieving the perfect kiwi flavor comes down to selecting the right one at the store. Here are four tips to ensure you get the best kiwis every time.

Pay Attention to Shape – Look for a plump, well-rounded fruit that has no dents or signs of bruising. They should also be slightly soft to the touch.

Smell Is Important Too – Before you go counting to make sure you got 3 for $1, take a whiff of the kiwi. If you don’t smell a sweet, fruity scent, it’s probably not ripe.

Go Green – If you’re wondering how to tell if the kiwi is ripe, look for one that is slightly green at the stem. You don’t want it turning brown already!

Cut It Open – Before you buy, cut the kiwi in half. The flesh should be greenish-brown. If it’s still bright green, it needs more time to ripen.

  • Look for plump, well-rounded kiwis with no dents.
  • Sniff for a sweet, fruity aroma.
  • Choose one that is slightly green at the stem.
  • Cut it open to check the flesh.

With these four tips, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect kiwi for your recipe or snack. Enjoy!

5. Clever Ways to Store Kiwi

Kiwi is a nutritious and delicious fruit that can be used in any number of recipes, but it has a unique quality that makes it a bit of a challenge to store. This is a short guide for clever ways to keep your kiwi fresh and ready to eat.

1. In a dark corner – Kiwi is sensitive to light, and will degrade quickly when exposed to it. Keeping kiwi in a cool dark corner – like the back of the fridge – is one of the best ways to maintain the fruit’s freshness for longer.

2. In a closed container – An airtight container is a good home for kiwi, both in the refrigerator or on the counter. Always store the fruit without the skins and in a single layer. A slight amount of moisture can be introduced for extra preservation, such as a damp paper towel or napkin.

3. In a plastic bag – Putting kiwi in a plastic bag and squeezing out as much air as possible can extend its lifespan. The bag should be stored in a dry and cold place and checked on a daily basis for spoilage.

4. As a preserve – One creative way to store kiwi is to turn it into a preserve. Simply slice, add sugar, and place the mixture in an airtight jar. Preserves can last up to two weeks and can be used in various recipes.

  • Keep kiwi in the dark
  • Store it in an airtight container
  • Squeeze as much air out of a plastic bag
  • Turn it into a preserve

Using these simple tricks, you will be able to keep your kiwi fresh and tasty for longer. Enjoy!

6. Nutritional Benefits of Eating Kiwi in Season

Kiwi fruits are a nutritious and beautiful addition to any meal. With their vibrancy and unique flavor, they make for a great topping or snack. Furthermore, adding kiwi in season brings with it a whole host of benefits. Here are the top six nutritional benefits of eating kiwi when they’re in season.

  • Vitamins & Minerals: Kiwi is an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and copper. Additionally, because they are in season when they are consumed, they are particularly rich in flavor and nutrition.
  • Fiber: Kiwi has a surprising amount of dietary fiber to help aid in digestion and support a healthy lifestyle. A single kiwi can contain about 2.5 grams of fiber, which is approximately 10 percent of your daily dietary fiber needs.
  • Antioxidants: Eating kiwi fruit can be a great help for warding off illnesses, as it contains large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants help the body fight off free radicals, which is a cause for diseases such as cancer.
  • Low in Calories: One of the benefits of eating kiwi in season is that it is low in calories compared to other fruits. This makes it a perfect way to get a healthy dose of nutrients without having to worry about consuming too many calories.

The unique flavor and incredible nutrition of kiwi fruits make them an incredible addition to any meal. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, and they are low in calories as well. Enjoy the health benefits of eating kiwi in season and experience the flavor of this beautiful fruit!

7. Enjoying Kiwis All Year Long

Kiwis are arguably some of the most lovable fruit on the planet. You don’t have to wait for the summer to enjoy them! Here are some ways you can enjoy kiwis all year round:

  • Store your kiwis at room temperature to enjoy as snacks any time throughout the year. All you have to do is peel and slice them for easy and tasty consumption.
  • Add a few slices of kiwi to your favorite smoothie or juice for a zesty flavor and a boost of nutrients. You can also easily chop up your kiwis for an amazing topping on your breakfast cereal.
  • You can also bake delicious treats with kiwis. From cakes to muffins to pies, the possibilities for your dishes are endless. To give your desserts an extra kick in flavor, add some of your favorite spices or zests with your kiwis.
  • Mix and match other fruits with kiwis for a medley of flavor. Kiwi is incredibly versatile, so adding it to dishes like salads, savory tarts, or other recipes will complement the flavors and aromas all around.

Kiwis are so flavorful and nutritious that they can enhance any dish, no matter the season. It’s an easy and quick way to incorporate refreshing and healthy flavors into your menu. Whether you eat them solo, add it to your smoothie, or create a unique dish with the vibrant fruit, you’ll be sure to enjoy kiwis no matter the time of year.

So take a bite of a kiwi today and enjoy the juicy flavor and unique texture of this beloved fruit. You don’t have to wait for the summer to delight your palate.

Kiwi – the delicious, vitamin-packed super fruit with excellent health benefits. Armed with knowledge on when kiwis are in season, you now have the tools to become a kiwi fanatic and benefit from its amazing flavor and powerful nutrients. Start stocking up now and get ready for those later summer and fall harvests of delicious kiwi!

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