When is Presidents Week 2023

It's almost time to mark your calendar! Presidents Week 2023 is quickly approaching, and it's a time to celebrate the leadership and legacy of the nation's presidents. Get ready for historic monuments, presidential-themed decorations, and plenty of commemoration!

In the United States, Presidents Week is an annual event that takes place each year in February, in observance of national holidays and the birthdays of former American presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In 2023, it’s set to take place from February 14th-22nd, with the 17th acting as a National Holiday in the United States. And while Presidents Week may not be a household name across the country, it’s an important set of holidays in the history books of our nation. Want to know more about this annual holiday? We’ve got you covered with all the details on when Presidents Week takes place in 2023.
when is presidents week 2023

1. An Overview of Presidents Week 2023

Each year, Presidents Week is a national holiday that celebrates the past and present office bearers of the United States of America. As the festivities of 2021 come to a close, it is time to take a look at what’s ahead for the 2023 celebrations.

Commemorative Events

  • To start the event off, on February 18th, the country will hold an event to honor the presidents of the United States.
  • On February 19th, public talks will be held to discuss the legacy of past presidents.
  • On February 20th, an evening event will be held to recognize the presidents who have served during the past century.


  • Theater performances and musical acts will take place in each state to celebrate the accomplishments of the office bearers of the United States of America.
  • For 2023, a special exhibition titled “Women in the White House” will make its way through each state’s capital to honor those women who have held office.
  • Organizations across the country will hold special events to celebrate the presidents’ accomplishments and legacies.

Voting Opportunities

  • Voting will be held at local polling stations as citizens cast their ballot in order to determine the president of the United States.
  • The National Election Commission will conduct public seminars across the country to inform citizens of their voting rights.
  • Public debates will be held in every state to help citizens make an informed decision in the election.

2. Learn More About the History of Presidents Week

Presidents Week is a midwinter celebration of American presidents, past and present. In it, we honor the courage, legacy, and accomplishments of the men who have served in the highest office of the United States. It celebrates a rich and fascinating history.

The observance of Presidents Day began more than 150 years ago when a Maine senator proposed a holiday to honor the founder of the United States, George Washington. Today, it’s traditionally celebrated on the third Monday of February and commemorates all the presidents in US history.

The exact origins of Presidents Week are unclear. Where did the idea originate?

  • Some historians believe the holiday can be traced back to the 1800s. Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, the 2nd US president, wrote a letter in 1815 in which she proposed a holiday for the nation’s leaders. In 1879, Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th president of the United States, declared Washington’s, Lincoln’s, and other US presidents’ birthdays as national holidays.
  • Others say it became widespread during the 1960s. It was during this time that the federal government under John Kennedy declared February 22, Washington’s birthday, a holiday, and extended it to include Presidents Eisenhower, Jefferson, and other great leaders. In 1968, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, honoring American presidents in February.

Since then, American citizens have been celebrating Presidents Week, setting aside time to commemorate the contributions of the great men who have served in the highest office of the United States. We pay homage to their courage, legacy, and accomplishments through our observance of this important holiday.

3. Celebrating with Presidential Themed Events

Hosting presidential themed events is a great way to bring a group of people together and celebrate a memorable occasion. No matter the size of the gathering, here are three tips for ensuring a successful presidential-themed event.

  1. Opt for period-style decorations: Set the scene with decorations in the style of the American presidents in charge at the time of your event. You can find these from specialty stores or online, or be creative and craft your own decorations!
  2. Write a toast to the country: If you’re partaking in an Independence Day or election season event, consider writing and sharing a few words about democracy and the American spirit. Everyone will leave the event feeling proud and inspired!
  3. Create a presidential playlist: What’s a party without a good playlist? Curate a selection of iconic presidential addresses and speeches to broadcast at your event. It’ll be sure to get everyone in the spirit for a great celebration.

No matter the occasion, success is guaranteed when you follow the above tips for hosting a presidential-themed event. So go on, don the stars and stripes and pledge allegiance to the United States of America!

4. Making the Most of Presidents Week 2023

Take Advantage of the Long Week

Presidents Week 2023 is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the extra days off and get a lot done. Whether you want to plan a getaway to the beach or take some time to catch up on your hobbies, the 5-day weekend is the perfect chance to do it all. Here are some ways to make the most of your free time this week:

  • Plan ahead. Decide what activities you want to do ahead of time so you can make the most of your weekend.
  • Prioritize relaxation. Don’t forget to carve out some time just for rest and relaxation.
  • Think outside the box. Even if you don’t have the resources to go on a full-blown vacation, you can still have fun in your own backyard.

If you’re looking for something to do, why not check out the local farmer’s market or explore a new hiking trail? You could even invite a few friends over for a game night or take a cooking class. Whatever you decide to do, presidents week 2023 is an excellent opportunity to squeeze in some extra fun.

Visit a National Park to Honor the Presidents

Presidents Week is the perfect time to take a trip to the nearest National Park. Most national and state parks have special events and programs during the week to honor our nation’s great leaders. Whether you want to attend a live music show, take a guided tour of the grounds, or pick up some historical memorabilia, you’re sure to find something exciting to do in a national park.

5. Picking the Right Democratic Nominee

In what can be seen as a pivotal opportunity to shape the present and future of America, Democrats will use the 2020 presidential election to select the party’s nominee. With the stakes even higher than in the past, it’s important to make a carefully-considered choice of who that nominee should be.

Choosing the right presidential nominee is no small task. Whether it’s an incumbent or new to the political arena, the impact of the Democratic Party’s choice of candidate will be long-lasting.

When , review the following criteria:

  • Vision – What does the potential nominee believe in and what type of policies do they advocate?
  • Leadership Qualities – Electing a good leader is just as important, if not more important, as electing someone who is in tune with the policies the general public desires.
  • Experience – Does the potential nominee have the knowledge and experience required to be successful in the office of President?
  • Electability – How competitive is the potential nominee against the opposition nominees?

Finally, pick a Democratic nominee that you feel can make a difference in your future. After you’ve determined the criteria, it’s time to take action and make your voice heard in the 2020 presidential election. Your vote for the right Democratic nominee could mean the difference between change and status quo.

6. Exploring Presidents Week Online

From History to Fun Games: What You Can Learn About Presidents Week

Presidents Week has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still explore it online. Here’s are some of the great ways to learn more about the holiday and even have some fun too:

  • Read the Presidential Biographies: Presidential biographies are available all over the internet. Get a closer look at the nation’s leaders and their life stories. It’s a great way to learn about US history and see what these iconic people have done for the country.
  • Learn All About the Flag: If you want to brush up on your knowledge of the American flag, then you’re in luck. There are all kinds of resources out there that can help you learn about the flag’s symbolism, its history, and the etiquette associated with it.
  • Gift Making Ideas: Get creative and craft something with your own hands. Crafty websites and blogs have all sorts of ideas for Presidents Week gifts including cards, decorations, and other fun projects.
  • Play Educational Games: Don’t forget the games! Websites like Prodigy, ABCya, and Quizlet have awesome games to help kids learn about the Presidents and other important US history topics.

At the end of the day, there is no better way to learn about Presidents Week than getting online and doing a little research. Whether it’s exploring some online resources, playing a fun game, or creating something with your own hands, it’s up to you to find out more!

7. Making the Most Out of President’s Week 2023: Tips & Tricks

With President’s Week 2023 just around the corner, you may be planning to make the best of your time off. Whether you’ll be planning an extended trip around the world or simply a staycation, there are plenty of ways to make the most of President’s Week. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your precious days away:

1. Catch up on Self-Care: Dedicate some time off to yourself by indulging in some much needed self-care. Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and focus on you. Relax in a hot bubble bath, book some spa treatments or simply get a massage. Unwind and let all the stress disappear during your President’s Week!

2. Unleash your Creativity: President’s Week is the perfect time to unleash your creative side and start a new project. Try your hand at painting or sculpting, make some jewelry or take a pottery class. Bring along some friends and encourage each other to try something new. There is no better way to spend your President’s Week than being creative!

3. Get Active: President’s Week is a great time to be out and about. Whether you’re looking for some adventure or just a quiet stroll in the park, pick an activity and plan it out in advance. Spend some time with nature and get active. Hiking, bicycle-riding, kayaking or rock climbing – you name it!

4. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones: Make sure to set aside some time during President’s Week for your closest friends and family. Have a movie night and cook some classic comfort food. When you come back home, reminisce and share stories. This could be the perfect summer getaway you’ve been looking for!

As we look ahead to Presidents Week 2023, we can cautiously anticipate this opportunity to celebrate presidents who have made history, with their extraordinary leadership, compassion, and forward-thinking ideas. It’s a time to remember those who have shaped, and continue to shape, our country for the better. Let’s honor their work and take a moment to recognize the importance of our civic duty, both as citizens and as leaders in our own lives.

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