When to Put up Christmas Lights

As Christmas approaches, the thrill of holiday cheer often comes with the challenge of when to break out the Christmas lights. When is the perfect time - too early or too late?

It’s hard to miss the holiday spirit in the air – store shelves are popping with decorations, and you can catch snippets of Christmas carols in the crisp December air. One festive display never fails to bring a smile to our faces – the joyous display of twinkling Christmas lights! But when is the ideal time to put these up? Read on to find out the best time for putting up your Christmas lights and get into the festive spirit!
when to put up christmas lights

1. Get into the Holiday Spirit with the Perfect Timing for Decorating


It’s not quite time to hear the carolers bellow out your seasonal favorites, but you can don your festive attire and prepare your spotlight pieces for your holiday decorations. Mid-November is the ideal time to get the ball rolling; you’ll work out what needs to be wrapped and boxed up, create a list of what to look for when shopping for decorations, and even the humblest of holiday decorations don’t need to be missed out on.

Early December

Your home or office should be full-fledged emporium of decorations come the start of December. Most appropriate is to decorate around the same time the town lights up for the season, from twinkling lights and gilded ornaments to joyful snowman and Santa on the mantle – don’t forget to squeeze in a bit of holiday cheer with scented candles and traditional foods.

Interior Decorating

Interior decoration is a team effort and one that requires dedication to light up the entire house. With the traditional holiday tree in its usual spot and a glorious wreath at the front door, it’s time to add holiday touches throughout the home with colorful pillows, defrosted garland, and an evergreen scented candle or two.

Table Centerpieces

Getting creative with seasonal greenery and interesting details is the key to completing your seasonal feast table. Keep it elegant with a classic display of colored candlesticks, miniature pine cones, and festive berries, or get everyone’s attention with some creative paper silhouettes and small birds in mesh bags. There’s plenty of ways to add a festive setting to your dinner table; just be sure to put it all together the night before so that you can relax and enjoy.

2. An Early Start for Christmas Lights Outside

Decorating your home in the spirit of Christmas is a delightful tradition that can be immensely rewarding! Getting started early on the Christmas light decorations outside of your house can make an immense difference in your Christmas mood. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your outdoor Christmas light decorations:

    • Go Big or Go Home: Decide on the best way to light up your home. Choose larger lights for an impactful look or use a combination of small and large bulbs to create a twinkling effect. Don’t forget to bring some festive cheer to the inside of your home too and don’t forget about outdoor areas such as porches, balconies and patios.
    • Choose a Color Theme: Selecting the right hues to make your holiday come alive is essential. Utilize a single colour or create a chromatic mix of different hues or a rainbow of colours. Don’t forget to extend your lighting to the garden and fence to create an even more magical design.
    • Use Timers: Use timer-based light switch controllers to determine when your lighted decorations will be switched on and off. This helps to ensure efficiency and to maintain your energy saving goals.
    • Safety Before Beauty: Make sure that all of your outdoor lights are secure to prevent any accidents. Use insulated staples and guide wires to attach your lights and make sure the lawn is clear of any trip hazards. Also have a plan of action in place if any of the lights get wet during the holiday period.

3. Beat the Rush and Put Up String Lights Inside Now!

Beat holiday shopping pressures and start planning now, by bringing light inside your home a few months ahead of the festive season. Making the move to light up your home with string lights now will ease budget and time constraints. Here are three reliable reasons to bring strings of light indoors early this year.

1. Spatial Benefits: String lights provide endless design possibilities to make the best of your space. Craft tight border lines around windows or arches, or hang loose curves of light at varying depths for a totally different effect. Place different colored lights side by side to give your home a warm glow.

2. Economical Timing: Shopping early for cozy lighting gives you the opportunity to find the best deal. Prices of decorative lights tend to go up around the holiday season, and getting this part of your celebration squared away in advance can help you save both money and time.

3. Spread the Light: One of the best things about lights is being able to share its beauty. No matter how homespun your celebration may be, string lights can add a festive touch to the festivities. Take it a step further and stretch the lights around terraces, porches, and gardens for a dramatic holiday landscape. For a classic look, go for an all-white illuminated design.

  • Brighten staircases and hallways without breaking your budget.
  • Tangle strings around greenery for an organic holiday style.
  • Create a light spectacle both inside and outside your home.

4. Making Magical Memories with Your Family and Friends

is a great way to create lasting memories that you can keep with you for years. Here are some ideas for bringing a little magic into your life and gathering your closest ones together.

  • Have a picnic with fairy lights. Pack a picnic basket with favourite snacks and drinks, and add some twinkling lights to your outdoor spot, and you have an instant and romantic party atmosphere!
  • Organize a secret treehouse. Transform a tree in the nearby park or your own backyard into a secret getaway with surprise decorations, and stock up the treehouse with books and treats!

Lead adventurous quests on hikes or geocaching trips to explore beyond the familiar spaces. Some inspiration can come from fairy tales and stories you can pick up from your local library. You can also introduce some carnival-style fun with makeshift tents or props, a games corner and some sweet surprises.

It’s a great idea to capture the memories with some creative pictures or a video, or even keep a diary of the whole experience to look back at when you’re older. Just like true magic, these memories will be there for you to enjoy for years to come.

5. Takin’ it from the Top: Light Up Your Roofline

  • Adorn Your Abode – Give your home a unique and festive look by adorning your roof with a string of tiny twinkling lights. Whether its the classic Christmas tree look, or something more edgy like an icicle or star outline, you’ll be winning the neighborhood competition in no time!
  • Chose Your Color – Amp up your roofline lighting by choosing from a range of colors, like warm white, cool white, or even color changing! Take it up a notch and set up a timer, allowing your home to light up the night with a simple nightly flick of a switch.
  • Go the Extra Mile – Having your roofline lit up looks cool, but going the extra mile could make your house the talk of the town. Add a sequenceable show to your lighting setup, and create a magical experience your neighbors will love. Embellish your lights further with festive garlands or feathered snowflakes to add some seasonal flair.
  • Be Safe First – When it comes to roofline lighting, safety always comes first. Make sure you are using the correct extension cords, and double check your lighting setup for any exposed wires or weak connections. If you’re unsure, hire an experienced electrician to set up and test your lighting setup for you.

6. You Have to See It to Believe It: Show Off Your House from Every Angle

When it comes to showcasing your home, a little extra effort can be all it takes to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Here are some creative ways to highlight the features of your home, inside and out:

  • Invest in professional photos of each room in your house so potential buyers can get a true sense of the space.
  • Get creative with the angles you choose. Are there any interesting focal points that don’t jump out right away? Capture them with a unique point of view.

Use the power of video: An aerial view video tour of your outdoor space and a walkthrough video of each room in the interior can provide viewers with an immersive experience and add an extra element to your listing. Just make sure to pay attention to lighting and audio quality for a professional-looking finished product.

Consider staging: Have a room that isn’t quite ready for showtime? Consult a professional home stager for tips on bringing extra life to a space. From refreshing the walls and adding essential accessories to displaying furniture in a more inviting way, staging a room can make a huge difference.

7. Ready for Your Close-Up?: Illuminate Your Lawn Perfectly

Get the maximum effect for your outdoor lighting display! Illuminating your lawn enhances its beauty at night and highlights unique structures and features. Customizing your own outdoor lighting setup is easy with the right tips.

  • Start with the basics. Install lighting fixtures near your home, garage, garden and pathways for added security and safety during the evening time.
  • Choose fixtures that are suited for outdoor use and that come in styles and colors you like.
  • For a more dramatic look, use spotlights to highlight decorations and features in your lawn.

Emergency lighting provides added safety and security when the power goes out. Security lighting is available with motion sensors so you’ll never have to be caught off guard.

Finally, don’t worry if your outdoor lighting looks a bit overdone in the daylight hours; when night falls, the stunning effect provided by your carefully-crafted lighting design will make all the effort worth it!

No matter when you choose to put up your magical Christmas lights, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the season merry and bright! Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the twinkling boxes of joy – all the way until the New Year.

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