What is considered a big deer?

What is Considered a Big Deer? Deer are fascinating creatures and come in many different shapes and sizes. While some are small and unassuming, there are some that are considered to be “big” deer. Below we’ll examine what is considered to be a big deer and what makes them different from other species of deer. … Read more

Why don’t you find antlers in the woods?

Why Don’t You Find Antlers in the Woods? The woods are full of mysteries and strange things. But if you go out looking for antlers, don’t get your hopes too high. Because they are not easily found in the woods. What Are Antlers? Antlers are structures that male members of the deer family use to … Read more

Is an 8 point buck big?

Is an 8 Point Buck Big? When it comes to deer hunting, it can be difficult to determine whether a buck is big enough for a successful hunt. Many factors affect the size of a buck, such as its age, breed, diet and environment. When hunters refer to an 8 point buck, they’re generally talking … Read more