Can Goats Eat Dragon Fruit

Can Goats Eat Dragon Fruit?

Goats are known to enjoy a variety of pasture and browse, and they often have voracious appetites. But can they succeed in their hearty appetite when presented with dragon fruit?

What is Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is actually a type of cactus native to Mexico and Central and south America that produces an edible fruit. Dragon fruit is also called pitaya, and is much loved for its sweet taste and its beautiful visual appeal, which is often used to decorate fancy desserts.

Can Goats Eat Dragon Fruit?

Goats can enjoy dragon fruit as part of their diet, as it is high in fiber and vitamins. However, it is important to feed them other nutritious food such as hay, grass, and grain, as dragon fruit should only make up as a very small portion of their diet. Here are a few points to consider when feeding goats dragon fruit:

  • Fruits should only be given in moderation: Goats should never be fed only fruit. Fruits should only make up a small portion of their diet, as too much of it can upset the stomach
  • Look for ripe dragon fruit: Goats should never be fed unripe dragon fruit, as this can cause stomach upset and digestive issues. Look for dragon fruit that is ripe, soft and fragrant for the best experience for your goats!
  • Feed it in small portions: Dragon fruit should always be chopped into small bite-sized portions before feeding to goats. Too large a piece of dragon fruit can also cause digestive upset.


Goats can absolutely enjoy dragon fruits as a tasty treat, as long as they are fed in moderation and in small portions. It will add nutrition and variety to their diet, and give them a nice tasty treat at the same time!
can goats eat dragon fruit

Can goats eat dragon fruit skin?

No, goats should not be fed dragon fruit skin. Dragon fruit skin contains a toxin which is poisonous to goats.
can goats eat dragon fruit
It is important to remove all skin when feeding dragon fruit to goats to avoid any potential consequences of eating it.
can goats eat dragon fruit

Can goats eat dragon fruit?

Yes, goats can eat dragon fruit. However, it is important to note that dragon fruit alone should not make up the entirety of their diet. Goat should also be fed a balanced diet of hay, grass, and grains supplemented with minerals and other fresh fruits and vegetables.
can goats eat dragon fruit
Dragon fruit can be a great treat for goats but should only be fe
can goats eat dragon fruit

Can goats eat other fruits?

Yes, goats can eat fruits other than apples, such as bananas, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, and more. However, some fruits contain seeds that can be harmful to goats if eaten in large quantities. Therefore, it is best to introduce fruit to goats slowly and in small amounts.

Can goats eat apples?

Yes, goats can eat apples. Apples provide essential vitamins and minerals, are an easy-to-digest snack, and can help keep goats entertained. When giving apples to goats, it is important to remove the core and seeds, as these can cause digestive issues.

Can goats eat apple skins?

Yes, goats can eat apple skins. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals and provide fiber for the goat’s digestive system.

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