Can I hunt with an AR 15?

Can I Hunt With an AR-15?

Using an AR-15 for hunting has become a popular choice for hunters all across the country. But is it legal, and what restrictions are there?

Examining Hunting Laws in the US

The US has a patchwork of different hunting laws which vary from state to state. Generally, it is legal to hunt with an AR-15 in most states, but some states impose certain restrictions.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when hunting with an AR-15 in different states:

Restrictions When Hunting with an AR-15

  • Ammunition Restrictions: Some states impose restrictions on what type of ammunition you can use while hunting. Generally, you must use ammunition that is designed to be used on the game animal you are hunting.
  • Magazine Capacity Restrictions: Some states put a restriction on the maximum size of the magazine you can use when hunting with an AR-15. This magazine capacity can range from 5 rounds to 30 rounds, so you should check your state’s laws to be sure.
  • Licensing Requirements: In addition to the general hunting license, some states require an additional license for hunting with an AR-15.


When it comes to hunting with an AR-15, the legality and restrictions vary from state to state. It is important to research your state’s laws before you embark on your hunt, to ensure you are within the law.

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