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When to See a Neurosurgeon

When it comes to your brain and nervous system, every symptom shouldn't be overlooked. If you experience recurrent headaches, seizures, or numbness, you might need to see a neurosurgeon. A neurosurgeon can diagnose and treat abnormalities in the nervous system, from brain tumors to spinal cord injuries. Don't wait to seek help if you notice any red flags - early intervention could be life-changing.

Why Do I Have First Bite Syndrome

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your jaw when you take the first bite of food? This phenomenon is known as first bite syndrome, and it can be a source of discomfort for many individuals. While the exact cause of first bite syndrome is still unknown, there are several theories that suggest nerve damage, muscle strain, or even tumors in the parotid gland may play a role. If you are experiencing first bite syndrome, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause and explore potential treatment options.