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Why Can’t I Stick to Anything

If you've ever found yourself starting something with enthusiasm, only to abandon it shortly thereafter, you may be familiar with the frustrating cycle of "why can't I stick to anything?" The answer may vary from person to person, but there are several common factors that can make it difficult to stay committed to a goal or habit. In this article, we'll explore some of these obstacles and offer tips for overcoming them.

How Do We Decide When to Display Situational Ethnicity

how do we decide when to display situational ethnicity
A heated debate is taking place: when is it appropriate to highlight and display situational ethnicity? But instead of focusing on one answer, the better question to ask may be: how can we create spaces where all people feel included and understood? Only then can we make informed decisions about when and how to recognize a person's identity.

Why Are Mexicans so Hairy

why are mexicans so hairy
With their unique blend of Native American and European heritage, Mexicans have grown hairier than the average person. From their bushy beards to their chest hair, Mexicans have thick, luscious locks that seem to never end. Maybe it's the warm climate or the strong genetics - whatever the cause, one thing's for sure: Mexicans are certainly one of the hairiest peoples on Earth.