What is considered a big deer?

What is Considered a Big Deer? Deer are fascinating creatures and come in many different shapes and sizes. While some are small and unassuming, there are some that are considered to be “big” deer. Below we’ll examine what is considered to be a big deer and what makes them different from other species of deer. … Read more

What is a ghost buck?

What is a Ghost Buck? A ghost buck is a term used to describe a type of deer that is rarely seen, sometimes feared but is rarely identified. While there are some people who believe that these mysterious bucks may be an indicator of supernatural activity, more often than not, these animals are simply elusive … Read more

Is an 8 point buck big?

Is an 8 Point Buck Big? When it comes to deer hunting, it can be difficult to determine whether a buck is big enough for a successful hunt. Many factors affect the size of a buck, such as its age, breed, diet and environment. When hunters refer to an 8 point buck, they’re generally talking … Read more

What is the big 7 in hunting?

What is the Big 7 in Hunting? Hunting is a popular outdoor activity that involves pursuing a variety of wild animals with the intent to capture or kill them. Although the practice has changed over the years, hunters still pursue a variety of animals, including the Big 7. The Big 7 is comprised of Africa’s … Read more