Do Hunters Wear Deer Pee?

Do Hunters Wear Pee?

Yes, some hunters use deer pee to attract more deer and lure them in for a better experience. Deer urine is actually one of the most used cover scents for hunters as it replicates a deer’s natural properties that influence the behavior of other deer. It’s also a very effective way to mask the hunter’s human scent from the sensitive noses of deer, as well as other big game animals.

Why Do Hunters Wear Deer Pee?

Cover scents are important for hunters to remain undetected and to blend in with their surroundings. Deer pee, or urine from other big game animals, helps mask the hunter’s human scent in areas during the hunting season. But deer urine serves more purposes than just masking the smell of the hunter. It can also:

  • Attract deer. Deer pee smells like what a deer normally would expect. It attracts deer with its familiar smell, especially during the mating season.
  • Distract deer. A familiar scent can be used to distract a deer’s attention and keep it away, allowing the hunter to be more successful.
  • Repulse deer. While deer are usually attracted to the smell of other deer’s pee, there are some instances where hunters have used deer or other animal urine to drive deer away from their area.

How Is Deer Pee Used in Hunting?

Hunters use deer pee in several ways. Most commonly, it is worn around the hunter’s waist or attached to their clothing, such as their shoes, hat, or coat. This helps permanently mask the smell of the hunter in the woods.

Hunters also use deer urine by spraying it on trees, leaves, grass and other objects to replicate the smell of a wild deer in an area. This helps attract or distract deer from particular areas.

Is Deer Pee Safe?

Yes, using deer urine for hunting is perfectly safe and humane. Deer urine is collected from the scents of wild deer and is natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Some hunters also choose to wear deer urine that is collected from animals that have been hunt-processed in an approved deer processor.

Overall, deer urine can be a very effective and safe way for hunters to increase their chances success when hunting and to mask their scent from the noses of their targets.

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