Do I need to shower before hunting?

Do I need to shower before hunting?

Do I Need to Shower Before Hunting?

Whether or not you need to shower before hunting depends on a few things. Here are some of the key considerations when deciding whether or not to jump in the shower before going out in the woods:

Your Surroundings

If you are hunting near predators, your smell could be a problem. Wolves and mountain lions, for example, rely heavily on their sense of smell to hunt. So if you have just rolled out of bed and haven’t had a chance to shower, that can be a signal for them to come closer and investigate.

Your Prey

If you are hunting an animal like deer or elk, they too have a strong sense of smell. Hunting these animals is all about sneaking up on them and keeping yourself well-hidden. If you are not careful and you smell like an aftershave, it can be a dead giveaway to your prey and they might catch wind of your presence before you are ready.

Your Goal

If your goal is to hunt quietly and with stealth, a shower can help make sure that you don’t give your presence away.

Conclusion: While it is not always necessary to take a shower before hunting, it can be beneficial to do so. It is important to consider your surroundings and remain as stealthy as possible when hunting. Taking a few extra minutes to shower before hunting can often make a big difference in your success.

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