Why I quit hunting?

Why I Quit Hunting Hunting is a sport that is surrounded by controversy and has divided the world into two different camps: those who stand in support and those who oppose it. I once was firmly in favor of hunting, but a few years later I decided that my personal ethics no longer allowed me … Read more

Why do humans hunt for fun?

Why Do Humans Hunt For Fun? Humans have been hunting wild game for centuries. Not only did our ancestors rely on hunting for survival, but it has also provided people with recreational and competitive pursuits. Hunting for sport has found its place within our culture for many different reasons. Experience of the Wild Hunting allows … Read more

Do hunters respect animals?

Do Hunters Respect Animals? Hunting is a traditional activity that has been practiced for centuries, and while it has often been associated with violence towards animals, there are more and more hunters out there who respect the animals they hunt and approach the activity in a sustainable and respectful way. Reasons Why Hunters Respect Animals … Read more