What Does CRP Mean in Hunting?

What Does CRP Mean in Hunting? Hunting is a sport enjoyed by millions of outdoor enthusiasts, and understanding the terminology and acronyms used play an important part. One such acronym is CRP, which stands for Conservation Reserve Program. What is the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)? CRP was created by the United States Department of Agriculture … Read more

What is the Big 5 in Hunting?

The Big 5 in Hunting Hunting animals is a popular activity that has been around for centuries. However, there are certain animals called the Big 5 in hunting, which consist of some of the most dangerous yet sought-after creatures to hunt. The Big 5 consists of: The African Elephant: An impressive member of the Big … Read more

What is a 10 Point Deer?

What is a 10-Point Buck? A 10-point buck is a male deer (buck) with 10 antler points. The term “10-point” refers to the total number of points on the antlers, which is a characteristic used to age and score deer. The 10-point mark is the highest score a buck can achieve. What Does it Take … Read more