How to Reset Fruit in a One Piece Game

How to Reset Fruit in a One Piece Game

The world of One Piece encompasses a lot of different activities, adventures and tasks. One of the many elements included in One Piece games is fruit – a special currency used to purchase items. To keep the game enjoyable, understanding how to reset fruit is important in order to get the most out of the game. Here is how to reset fruit in a One Piece game.

Step 1: Save Progress

Before resetting your fruit, it is important to make sure to save any progress you have made in the game. In most cases, this is as easy as pressing a button that says “save” and the game will remember your progress and be ready to continue when you log back in.

Step 2: Reset Fruit

Once you have saved your progress, you are ready to reset your fruit. Depending on the system and game you have, this will vary, but start by visiting the main character’s home screen and selecting the “RESET” option. From there, the game should provide a “Reset Fruit” option, which will cause the amount of fruit you have to reset to zero. Make sure to hit save after this step is complete.

Step 3: Re-purchase Items

Once you have reset your fruit, it is time to re-purchase the items you want. With no fruit in your account, any items you had purchased before with fruit will be gone, so you’ll need to start over. Head to the shop and re-purchase what you need with the new resetted amount of fruit you have.


Resetting fruit in a One Piece game is not a difficult task, but is necessary to get the most out of the experience by keeping it fresh and exciting. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily reset your fruit:

  • Save your progress.
  • Reset your fruit.
  • Re-purchase the items you need.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be back to enjoying your game in no time.

What strategies can I use to reset fruit in a one piece game?

1. Know When to Use Special Items: Take advantage of any special items provided in the game, such as Mystery Home Throw, which can reset fruits in one-piece puzzles.

2. Earn Extra Moves: Try to complete objectives or get bonus items to earn extra moves, which can come in handy when a reset is needed.

3. Use Combos: When fruits are blocked in one-piece puzzles, create combos by linking similar fruits in a group together. These combos can move some of the fruits, creating an easier puzzle to tackle.

4. Take Notes: Keep a written or digital record of the fruit pieces and placement in the puzzle, which can make keeping track of your progress easier.

5. Practice Makes Perfect: Spend some time brushing up on your skills and familirizing yourself with the game mechanics, which can make tackling one-piece puzzles more managable.

What is the benefit of using reset strategies in one piece games?

Reset strategies are used to gain an advantage and exploit certain aspects of the game, such as gaining extra lives, repeating certain actions, and more. By using reset strategies, players can gain an edge and dominate the game more efficiently. Additionally, reset strategies can also be used to practice difficult maneuvers or memorize patterns. Reset strategies can help players to become better players and improve their overall gaming experience.

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