What is a 10 Point Deer?

What is a 10-Point Buck? A 10-point buck is a male deer (buck) with 10 antler points. The term “10-point” refers to the total number of points on the antlers, which is a characteristic used to age and score deer. The 10-point mark is the highest score a buck can achieve. What Does it Take … Read more

What Gun Do Most Hunters Use?

What Gun Do Most Hunters Use? Hunters are constantly searching for the best possible gun to help them in their pursuit of prey. However, there is no single best gun, as different weapons serve different purposes for different hunters. Knowing that various options exist, it is important to evaluate which type of gun is most … Read more

Do Hunters Respect Animals?

Do Hunters Respect Animals? Hunting is a traditional activity that has been practiced for centuries, and while it has often been associated with violence towards animals, there are more and more hunters out there who respect the animals they hunt and approach the activity in a sustainable and respectful way. Reasons Why Hunters Respect Animals … Read more