Is 140 a good deer score?

Is 140 a Good Deer Score?

When hunting deer, one of the most important things a hunter must consider is the size of their trophy. They take measurements such as antler size and length to determine the score, also known as a Boone & Crockett score. Gamekeepers and hunters alike use these scores to measure the quality of their hunt. But what is a good deer score? Is a score of 140 considered good?

What is a Good Deer Score?

Typically, a good deer score will be anywhere from 130-150 points. These scores are usually achieved by bucks that have 4 or more antlers, each measuring between 5-7 inches in length. This type of score is considered to be a wall hanger and is ideal for hunters who want to show off their trophy.

What about 140?

A score of 140 is a great score for a trophy buck, and can be achieved by antlers of 6 inches in length. That said, not all bucks will reach a score of 140. Depending on where you hunt, and the weather conditions, the size of the buck and its antlers may vary.


In conclusion, a score of 140 is a great score for a trophy buck, and is typically considered to be a good deer score. However, every hunter’s experience is unique, and the score achieved will depend on things such as climate conditions and the size of the buck.

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