Is AK 47 good for hunting?

AK 47: Is It Good For Hunting?

The AK 47 is an iconic weapon known for its reliability and excellent stopping power. But is it a good choice for hunting?

Pros of Using an AK 47 for Hunting

The AK 47 is well known for its durability and dependability, so it can make for a good hunting rifle. It has excellent stopping power and accuracy at long ranges, so it can be ideal for hunting large game. Additionally, it is relatively lightweight and easy to carry in the field, making it perfect for hunters who need to stay mobile.

Cons of Using an AK 47 for Hunting

The AK 47 is a powerful weapon, meaning it is not ideal for hunting small game. Additionally, it is larger and heavier than other hunting rifles, which can make it cumbersome to wield in some hunting scenarios. Lastly, the rifle is not equipped with a scope, so it can be difficult to hit targets at long ranges.


Overall, the AK 47 can make for a good choice for hunting large game. However, it is important to consider the cons of the rifle before investing in one. If you are looking for a lightweight and accurate rifle for hunting small game, then you should look elsewhere.

Ultimately, the choice to use an AK 47 for hunting is up to the individual.

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