How Do You Stay Awake When Hunting?

Stay Awake When Hunting Whether you are hunting small game or big game, staying awake is important to ensure a successful hunt. If you’re not alert, you can easily miss out on a great opportunity. Here are some tips for staying awake when hunting: 1. Eat Smart It’s important to eat the right foods before … Read more

What Traits Do Hunters Have?

Traits of a Hunter Hunting is a skill that requires both physical and mental abilities. Traits that are beneficial for hunting include: Physical Attributes Strength: the ability to carry heavy loads and equipment while participating in lengthy activities Endurance: the ability to remain physically active for extended periods, such as when stalking game Agility: the … Read more

What is a Dolphin Knife?

Dolphin Knife A dolphin knife is a unique and versatile tool primarily used for marine activities. It is a short-bladed knife with a curved blade, giving it the appearance of a dolphin’s fin, hence the name. Where can a dolphin knife be used? The multi-purpose tool is used by maritime industry professionals and recreational boaters … Read more

What is the Big Six in Hunting?

The Big Six in Hunting Hunting, one of the most popular pastimes though centuries, is a unique way of interacting with nature, which requires a lot of rules and regulations to ensure a safe and successful experience. What is the Big Six? The Big Six are the six most commonly hunted animals of North America. … Read more