What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over?

What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over? As hunters, it is our responsibility to practice safe and ethical hunting. This means understanding the wildlife, our environment, and the legal regulations that apply in a given area. Most importantly, it means understanding what is safe and appropriate to shoot at, and what we should never shoot … Read more

What Do You Call a Person Who Kills Animals for Fun?

Why Do People Kill Animals for Fun? Killing animals for fun is one of the cruelest and most misguided forms of entertainment imaginable. Even if the animal is not seen as a domestic pet or thought of as “cute,” animals are still sentient creatures who can experience pain and suffering, and feel fear when threatened … Read more

Why Do Humans Hunt for Fun?

Why Do Humans Hunt For Fun? Humans have been hunting wild game for centuries. Not only did our ancestors rely on hunting for survival, but it has also provided people with recreational and competitive pursuits. Hunting for sport has found its place within our culture for many different reasons. Experience of the Wild Hunting allows … Read more

What is Traditional Hunting?

Traditional Hunting – Exploring the Ancient Practice A Historical Perspective Humans have been hunting animals over the centuries as an important source of both food and clothing. This ancient practice of traditional hunting has been an important aspect of human societies and cultures, with evidence of its use dating back at least 20 000 years. … Read more

What is the Most Ethical Way to Hunt?

What is the Most Ethical Way to Hunt? Hunting is a necessary and valuable endeavor for many reasons — from culling animal populations, to providing food and resources, to maintaining the health of an ecosystem. But before you get out in the field, it’s important to understand the ethical considerations involved with hunting. For those … Read more