When Do Bears Hibernate in Colorado

When Do Bears Hibernate in Colorado? Bears in Colorado migrate and hibernate according to seasonal and environmental shifts, especially during the winter months. Bears have a strong connection to nature and this is demonstrated by their instinct to hibernate during the cold months. Timing: Generally speaking, bears in Colorado begin hibernating in mid to late … Read more

Are There Alligators in the Colorado River

Are There Alligators in The Colorado River? The answer to this question is both yes and no. While there are no naturally occurring alligators in the Colorado River, there have been reports of their occasional presence. Spotted Alligators Reports of the occasional sighting of alligators in the river have come in since the mid-1970s. These … Read more

How Long to Cardinals Live

Cardinals and How Long They Live Despite their bright red plumage and cheerful songs, cardinals don’t live that long on average. Most cardinals only survive between one to five years in the wild. Factors Affecting Life Expectancy Several factors determine how long a cardinal will live in the wild: Health: A healthy cardinal may live … Read more

What is the Deadliest Animal to Hunt?

The Most Dangerous Animal to Hunt Hunting can be an exciting, risky experience – and so can hunting the wrong animal. While some species can be hunted safely, there are some which pose the greatest danger to the intrepid hunter. Below are some of the most dangerous animals to hunt and why they should be … Read more