What is Considered a Big Deer?

What is Considered a Big Deer? Deer are fascinating creatures and come in many different shapes and sizes. While some are small and unassuming, there are some that are considered to be “big” deer. Below we’ll examine what is considered to be a big deer and what makes them different from other species of deer. … Read more

What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over?

What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over? As hunters, it is our responsibility to practice safe and ethical hunting. This means understanding the wildlife, our environment, and the legal regulations that apply in a given area. Most importantly, it means understanding what is safe and appropriate to shoot at, and what we should never shoot … Read more

What is the Big 5 in Hunting?

The Big 5 in Hunting Hunting animals is a popular activity that has been around for centuries. However, there are certain animals called the Big 5 in hunting, which consist of some of the most dangerous yet sought-after creatures to hunt. The Big 5 consists of: The African Elephant: An impressive member of the Big … Read more

What Religions Are Against Hunting?

What Religions are Against Hunting? Hunting has been around for many centuries, but certain religious beliefs have certain rules and regulations when it comes to hunting. Most of these religions prohibit hunting, disagreeing with it on various levels. Buddhism Buddhism is against hunting and killingbecause it disagrees with the concept of taking any living creature’s … Read more

What is the Big Six in Hunting?

The Big Six in Hunting Hunting, one of the most popular pastimes though centuries, is a unique way of interacting with nature, which requires a lot of rules and regulations to ensure a safe and successful experience. What is the Big Six? The Big Six are the six most commonly hunted animals of North America. … Read more