Can I Use Kool Aid as Food Coloring

Kool-Aid As Food Coloring It’s common knowledge that food coloring can be used to brighten up your dishes, but did you know Kool-Aid powder can also be used as a food coloring agent? Kool-Aid is a fun, flavorful way to add a boost of color to your dishes. Advantages of Kool-Aid as Food Coloring Kool-Aid … Read more

What is a Lulu Knife?

What is a Lulu Knife? A Lulu Knife is specially designed for use in competitive sawing events. It is a very effective and dangerous piece of equipment, which is why it is so popular among competitive sawing athletes. History The Lulu Knife was first developed in the 1980s by competitive sawing champion, Mike Lulu. After … Read more

What is a Bunny Knife?

What is a Bunny Knife? A Bunny Knife is a type of kitchen knife that is used for cutting and slicing various foods. It is a very popular and useful tool in the kitchen due to its versatility and sharpness. Design Bunny knives typically have a curved blade, which is designed to make slicing easier … Read more

What is a Pigeon Knife?

What is a Pigeon Knife? Pigeon knives, sometimes referred to as doves, are a type of kitchen tool used to prepare and serve meat. They are designed with a special curved blade that is meant to comfort of cutting and serving, typically used for poultry. Features of a Pigeon Knife Blade: A pigeon knife typically … Read more