Can I Use Kool Aid as Food Coloring

Kool-Aid As Food Coloring It’s common knowledge that food coloring can be used to brighten up your dishes, but did you know Kool-Aid powder can also be used as a food coloring agent? Kool-Aid is a fun, flavorful way to add a boost of color to your dishes. Advantages of Kool-Aid as Food Coloring Kool-Aid … Read more

Can You Change the Color of Your Bathtub

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Where to Buy Colored Epoxy Resin for Wood

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How to Color a Turkey

Coloring Your Turkey Perfectly Coloring your turkey perfectly is sure to draw admiring looks and compliments. With the right approach, you can turn an ordinary turkey into an elegant centerpiece. Here’s how: Preparing the Turkey Purchase the freshest turkey you can find. Thaw the turkey according to the instructions provided. Once the turkey is thawed, … Read more