What States Are Best for Hunting?

What States are Best for Hunting? Hunting is one of the oldest pastimes enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts. There are many hunters out there who like to travel in order to find the best hunting spots, and with so many states across the country offering different types of game, there is something for everyone. Here are … Read more

What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over?

What Should a Hunter Never Shoot Over? As hunters, it is our responsibility to practice safe and ethical hunting. This means understanding the wildlife, our environment, and the legal regulations that apply in a given area. Most importantly, it means understanding what is safe and appropriate to shoot at, and what we should never shoot … Read more

What Rifle Do Navy Seals Carry?

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What is the Most Powerful Hunting Caliber?

What is the Most Powerful Hunting Caliber? For hunters looking to take down big game, it is important to be aware of the most powerful hunting calibers, which you can use to get the job done. With the right selection, you can ensure your hunts are successful every time. What is a Caliber? A caliber … Read more

What Rifle Do SWAT Use?

What Rifle Do SWAT Use? SWAT teams are specialized units within police forces across the world. SWAT teams are primarily trained to handle high-risk, high-stakes operations that go beyond the scope of regular police services. For this reason, SWAT teams are typically outfitted with specialist equipment, including military-grade weapons. Rifles To equip these specialist units, … Read more