Is Rice a Fruit

is rice a fruit

Is Rice a Fruit? Rice is a widely consumed staple food throughout the world. But, is it really a fruit? The answer is both yes, and no. The Scientific Answer In botanical terms, a fruit is defined as an edible, seed-bearing part of a flowering plant. While it is true that rice does produce seeds, … Read more

What is Food Chain Chart?

What is food chain chart?

What is a Food Chain Chart? A food chain chart is a visual graphic representation of food being transferred from one organism to another. It is used to clearly explain the relationship between different organisms and how the energy derived from food is passed through the different levels of a connected food chain. How is … Read more

What Did the First Human Eat?

What did the first human eat?

What Did the First Human Eat? It’s the question that humanity has pondered for centuries. What did the first human eat? The answer, it turns out, depends on the definition of “first human” and your source. Homo Habilis Numerous early human ancestors, such as Homo Habilis, are believed to have eaten a diet that is … Read more