What Rifle Do SWAT Snipers Use?

What Rifle Do SWAT Snipers Use? SWAT snipers are highly trained in the areas of reconnaissance, intelligence, and precision shooting and use the right rifle for the mission at hand. SWAT teams have a variety of rifles at their disposal, but for precision-shooting applications, the following types of rifles have been chosen for optimal performance: … Read more

Did Native Americans Use Guns to Hunt?

Did Native Americans Use Guns to Hunt? The short answer is yes, Native Americans did use guns to hunt. Although Native Americans have used a variety of weapons and tools throughout the years, they eventually came to incorporate guns into their hunting practices. Early Adoption of Guns Native Americans had already been familiar with guns … Read more

What Rifle Do SWAT Use?

What Rifle Do SWAT Use? SWAT teams are specialized units within police forces across the world. SWAT teams are primarily trained to handle high-risk, high-stakes operations that go beyond the scope of regular police services. For this reason, SWAT teams are typically outfitted with specialist equipment, including military-grade weapons. Rifles To equip these specialist units, … Read more

Can I Hunt with an AR 15?

Can I Hunt With an AR-15? Using an AR-15 for hunting has become a popular choice for hunters all across the country. But is it legal, and what restrictions are there? Examining Hunting Laws in the US The US has a patchwork of different hunting laws which vary from state to state. Generally, it is … Read more

What Gun Do Cops Use?

What Type of Gun Do Cops Carry? Cops carry a wide variety of weapons for their daily protection, crowd control and tactical operations. Here is an overview of the type of guns cops commonly use: Semi-Automatic Pistols Semi-automatic pistols are all-purpose handguns that feature a slide that cycles rounds from the magazine and keeps them … Read more