Can You Get a Felony Expunged in Colorado

Can You Get a Felony Expunged in Colorado? If you have a felony conviction in Colorado, you may be wondering if and how it can be expunged. In the state of Colorado, felonies can not be expunged, nor can they be sealed. However, that does not mean your record will show up on most background … Read more

Is Psychedelic Mushrooms Legal in Colorado

Is Psychedelic Mushrooms Legal in Colorado? Psychedelic mushrooms are a type of mushroom that contain hallucinogenic compounds that can produce effects ranging from mild sensory alteration to deep introspection and profound psychedelic experiences. But are these mushrooms legal in Colorado? What are Psychedelic Mushrooms? Psychedelic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain natural or synthetic compounds that … Read more

What Are the Most Common Mistakes When Hunting?

Most Common Hunting Mistakes Hunting can be an exciting pastime and a great way to get back to nature, but if you don’t take the time to learn the basics, it can also be very dangerous. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when hunting: 1. Not Understanding the Rules and Regulations … Read more