Can Tulips Change Color

Can Tulips Change Color? Many people are unaware that tulips can actually change color over time. This incredibly cool phenomenon is the result of the flower maturing, or ageing, in a process known as “aging color.” This process causes tulips to transform from the bright vibrant colors that we are used to, and into something … Read more

What Colors Are Jellyfish

What Colors are Jellyfish? Jellyfish are mysterious and magnificent creatures with a range of stunning colors, sizes and shapes. Depending on the type of jellyfish, some species range in pink, orange, and black while others glow in the dark with electric blues and purples. The Colors of Jellyfish The colors and patterns of jellyfish are … Read more

Where to See Wildlife in Colorado

Where to See Wildlife in Colorado There is an abundance of wildlife to see in the state of Colorado. From friendly alpine animals to majestic mammals, there are plenty of exciting creatures to observe. Here are some of the best locations to find Colorado wildlife: Rocky Mountain National Park The Rocky Mountain National Park is … Read more

A Year Without Autumn

A Year without Autumn Autumn is a beloved season for many. It brings cooler weather and offers us a chance to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. Sadly, for many of us, that joy is threatened by climate change and the potential of a year without Autumn. Effects of Climate Change on Autumn Climate … Read more

Who Starts the Food Chain?

Who starts the food chain?

What is the Food Chain? The food chain is a well-known concept used to explain the cyclical process of energy transfer between living creatures. Every organism in the food chain depends on its immediate partner for nourishment and sustenance. The food chain begins with an energy source and ends with a top predator. Who Starts … Read more