What Rifle Do Navy Seals Carry?

What Rifle do Navy Seals Carry? Navy SEALs have to carry the most reliable, accurate and durable weapons available on the battlefield. They are tasked with some of the most dangerous and high-stakes missions in modern warfare. As such, their choice of firearms has to reflect their capabilities as well as their commitment to excellence … Read more

What Rifle Do SWAT Snipers Use?

What Rifle Do SWAT Snipers Use? SWAT snipers are highly trained in the areas of reconnaissance, intelligence, and precision shooting and use the right rifle for the mission at hand. SWAT teams have a variety of rifles at their disposal, but for precision-shooting applications, the following types of rifles have been chosen for optimal performance: … Read more

What Gun Do Most Hunters Use?

What Gun Do Most Hunters Use? Hunters are constantly searching for the best possible gun to help them in their pursuit of prey. However, there is no single best gun, as different weapons serve different purposes for different hunters. Knowing that various options exist, it is important to evaluate which type of gun is most … Read more