What Did Indigenous People Use to Hunt?

Indigenous People Used Various Tools to Hunt Humans have been hunting since the dawn of time, and the way they hunted varied great depending on their location and the creatures they were hunting. For Indigenous people, hunting provided access to both food and resources that were integral to their way of life. Here we explore … Read more

What is a Pigeon Knife?

What is a Pigeon Knife? Pigeon knives, sometimes referred to as doves, are a type of kitchen tool used to prepare and serve meat. They are designed with a special curved blade that is meant to comfort of cutting and serving, typically used for poultry. Features of a Pigeon Knife Blade: A pigeon knife typically … Read more

What is a Raven Knife?

What is a Raven Knife? A Raven Knife is a traditional Barong knife that is used for both weapon and utility purposes. Native to the Philippines, the Raven Knife is traditionally hand-crafted from the Barong tree, and features a curved blade with a full tang. Design Properties The Raven Knife is characterized by its unique … Read more