What Did Hunters Use to Hunt?

Hunters and Their Tools

Hunters have been an essential part of human history since the dawn of civilization. Hunting is an activity that has been used to meet survival needs and food sources. Over time, various tools and weapons were developed to aid hunters in their pursuit of game.

Modern Hunting Tools

Modern hunting tools typically consist of weapons such as rifles, handguns, and bows as well as non-lethal tools such as scents and lures, trail cameras and binoculars.

Ancient Hunting Tools

Though modern hunting technology is quite advanced, its roots can be traced back to the early human hunters. Ancient hunting tools included:

  • Spears: The earliest hunters likely used spears to hunt. These long shafts with a sharp point on one end were probably used to stab animals or throw at them.
  • Spear-Throwers: Early hunters created these devices to help them throw their spears with increased speed and accuracy.
  • Bolas: These devices were created by tying together two or three rocks and using them to wrap around an animal’s legs, immobilizing it.
  • Slings: Slings were used to hurl stones at animals in order to either kill them or stun them for easier capture.
  • Snares: Hunters built traps or snares to catch and disable animals so they could easily collect them for food.
  • Atlatl: These spear throwers were designed to increase the length of the arm, allowing for a greater throwing distance when hunting.

These ancient tools not only helped hunters hunt more efficiently, they also provide insight into the resourcefulness of early human societies.


Today’s hunters may have access to more advanced equipment, but they still owe a debt of gratitude to the ancient hunters who came before them. With the use of simple but effective tools, early hunters were able to survive and provide sustenance for their fellow humans.

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