What Did Romans Use to Hunt?

Hunting with the Romans: What Did They Use?

The ancient Romans were not only the masters of engineering, art, and strategy, but they were also formidable trackers and hunters, making use of a wide array of tools and techniques to bring down their quarry. Here, we’ll examine some of the equipment that was used by Romans during their hunting expeditions.


The most important tool of a Roman hunter was the weapon they used to kill their prey. The most popular of these was the bow, which was used to fire arrows. Other weapons included the sling, javelins, spears, and tridents.


In addition to these weapons, Roman hunters often wore armor to protect themselves from their prey and the elements. This armor included padded or leather jackets, helmets, and shield.

Traps and Snares

Roman hunters also used various traps and snares to catch their quarry. These included pitfall traps, where an animal would be lured into a hole, and nets, which were used to catch small animals and birds.

Dogs and Falcons

Finally, Roman hunters also employed the help of dogs and falcons to aid them in their pursuit. These animals could track and flush out prey, allowing the hunter to close in for the kill.


In conclusion, the ancient Romans had a wide array of tools and techniques for hunting. They used weapons such as bows, slings, and javelins, armor to protect themselves against their prey, and various traps and snares to capture them. They additionally employed the help of both trained dogs and falcons to help flush out and track their quarry.

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