What Did the Eskimos Use to Hunt?

What did the Eskimos use to hunt?

What did the Eskimos Use to Hunt?

The Eskimos have been innovators and innovators of some of the most ingenious tools and techniques. They were able to survive in some of the world’s harshest environment by utilizing the resources around them. Here is a look at some of the traditional tools and methods used by the Eskimos to hunt:

Bow & Arrow

Bow and arrow hunting was commonly used by the Eskimos when hunting on land. This tool was made from a combination of whalebone, walrus tusks, and other bones from land animals, as well as metal for excellent leverage.

Fishing Lines

The Eskimos used lures and bait to catch fish, as well as specialized fishing lines that were made from seal gut and sinew.


Eskimos crafted long spears made of wood, bone, or metal and used them to hunt seals in the Arctic waters.


The harpoon was used in both land and sea hunts, and was crafted from driftwood, whalebone, and seal ivory. The harpoon was equipped with a rope and floats, so it could be easily retrieved after a successful hunt.

Traps & Snares

Traps and snares were also used to catch prey in different habitats. Traps were staked and then baited with food, while snares involved using a noose that snagged animals as they moved through.

Killing Tools

After the prey was successfully captured, the Eskimos used killing tools such as hatchets, spears, and stones to humanely and quickly end the animal’s life.

Preserving and Cooking Meat

The Eskimos were also adept at preserving and cooking the meat from the hunt. They used drying racks and smoke houses to keep it from spoiling, and wrapped the meat in skins or leaves to keep from drying out.

The Eskimos were incredibly resourceful when it came to hunting and utilized a number of tools and strategies to survive in the Arctic. From bow and arrows, to fishlines and harpoons, the Eskimos were able to survive and thrive in their environment with the tools at their disposal.

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