What do you call a person who kills animals for fun?

What do you call a person who kills animals for fun?

Why Do People Kill Animals for Fun?

Killing animals for fun is one of the cruelest and most misguided forms of entertainment imaginable. Even if the animal is not seen as a domestic pet or thought of as “cute,” animals are still sentient creatures who can experience pain and suffering, and feel fear when threatened or attacked. Animal hunting may be a legal practice in some countries, but there are still many people who take pleasure from killing animals for personal amusement.

What Is the Motivation for Killing Animals for Sport?

People kill animals for fun for a variety of reasons. Some believe it is a form of a manly rite of passage, while others simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt or the challenge of the killing process. Some hunters may have an adrenaline rush associated with the killing and some may even enjoy the feeling of power they have over their victim. Also, unlike hunting for food or self-defense, which are arguably understandable motivations, killing animals for fun has no meaningful purpose other than the satisfaction of the hunter.

What Do You Call a Person Who Kills Animals for Fun?

There is no widely accepted term for someone who kills animals for fun. In some cases, people who commit such an act may be referred to as a trophy hunter, as they are often seeking bragging rights or tangible proof of their hunting experience.

In a more general sense, however, the most appropriate terminologies include:

  • Cruel: It is undeniable that killing animals for fun is an act of extreme cruelty.
  • Inhumane: The killing of an animal for no purpose other than personal enjoyment is considered by many to be inhumane and immoral.
  • Violator of Animal Rights: This phrase highlights the fact that humanity should recognize and respect the rights of animals, and that killing them for sport is a violation of those rights.

Killing animals for sport is never acceptable and violates the fundamental rights of animals. It is an act of cruelty, inhumane and morally wrong.

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