What is a 10 Point Deer?

What is a 10 point deer?

What is a 10-Point Buck?

A 10-point buck is a male (buck) with 10 antler points. The term “10-point” refers to the total number of points on the antlers, which is a characteristic used to age and score . The 10-point mark is the highest score a buck can achieve.

What Does it Take to be a 10-Point Buck?

In order to reach the 10-point designation, a buck must meet certain criteria. Generally speaking, a 10-point buck fits the following criteria:

  • Age: Most 10-point bucks are between four and six years old
  • Size: The head should span at least 16 inches between the outside points of the antlers
  • Antlers: The antlers should have at least 4 points on each side, for a total of 8 points
  • Body: The buck should weigh at least 120 pound

What Benefits Does a 10-Point Buck Offer?

A 10-point buck offers a number of benefits. The main one is that it is a sign of a healthy deer. A buck with 10 points is usually closer to the prime of its life, meaning it is better able to survive and reproduce. The 10-point designation also gives hunters an indication of their deer’s age, size and individual health. Finally, the 10-point buck is sought after by hunters because it is an impressive trophy and can be used as a bragging right.

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