What is a 2 on 1 hunt?

What is a 2 on 1 Hunt?

A 2 on 1 hunt is a unique way of hunting game animals, particularly deer, with two hunters working as a team to find and take down a single animal. It is also known as “flagging” or “skunking.”

How it works?

Two hunters team up to hunt a single deer. The first hunter, referred to as the “flagman,” wears bright, easily-visible clothing and walks through the woods to flush out the animal, while a second hunter, called the “gamegetter,” stands by with a gun (or bow) ready.

The flagman’s duty is to locate the animal and “flag” its general position with a wave of his arms. The gamegetter then takes a shot at the animal while it is still in the open. The flagman then follows the wounded animal to make sure the second shot is taken.

Benefits of a 2 on 1 Hunt

A 2 on 1 hunt offers several advantages over conventional single-hunter hunting techniques.

  • Greater Safety: Two hunters can share the load, making it easier to stay safe when hunting dangerous animals like deer or grizzly bear.
  • Increased Efficiency: The flagman can spook the game and give the gamegetter a better chance of making a successful shot.
  • More Successful Hunts: The flagman’s job is to ensure that the animal is moving and is visible to the gamegetter. This increases their chances of success.


A 2 on 1 hunt is a great way to increase the chances of success when hunting big game animals. It also helps provide an extra layer of safety by spreading the load between two hunters.

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