What is a raven knife?

What is a raven knife?

What is a Raven Knife?

A Raven Knife is a traditional Barong knife that is used for both weapon and utility purposes. Native to the Philippines, the Raven Knife is traditionally hand-crafted from the Barong tree, and features a curved blade with a full tang.

Design Properties

The Raven Knife is characterized by its unique design. It features a long, curved design, with a traditional fuller on the edge to reduce weight and strength. The handle is usually made of engraved hardwood, or carved bone, giving it an ornamental aesthetic. The blade is made of a tough steel that is designed to stand up to wear and tear, while still having excellent edge retention.


While traditionally it is a weapon, used in close combat, the Raven Knife is also suitable for utility purposes. It is useful for hacking through tough underbrush, or for skinning game. The curved blade makes it ideal for slicing through tough materials, and it is also quite effective for using for fishing.


The Raven Knife offers several benefits over other blade designs. Here are just a few:

  • Lightweight: The Raven Knife is relatively light, making it ideal for carrying with you when traveling.
  • Strong: The blade of the Raven Knife is sturdy and strong, making for an excellent weapon.
  • Curved Design: The curved design of the blade allows for precise cutting and slicing, and makes it especially useful for skinning game.

For those looking for a traditional, hand-crafted knife, then the Raven Knife is an excellent option. Whether it is used as a weapon or a utility knife, the Raven Knife is an excellent choice for those looking for an effective and stylish knife.

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