What is an old deer called?

What Is An Old Deer Called?

An old deer are typically referred to by a few different terms, depending on their age and the area of the world in which they live.


A male deer, regardless of age, is commonly referred to as a buck. This term is used for male deer in North America, Europe and other regions of the world.


The term stag is used most commonly in Europe and the UK and is used to refer to older male deer. A buck without antlers is not considered a stag in this region.


The term hind is sometimes used to describe a female deer which is past the prime of its life. This term is most commonly used in the UK.


The term doe is most commonly used to refer to a female deer of any age. This term is used throughout North America, Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Other Terms

In some areas, the terms “elder buck” or “senior doe” may be used to refer to an old deer of either gender.

In the end, the term used to describe an older deer will depend on the region in which it lives and the speaker’s preference.

Common Terms for Old Deer:

  • Buck (male)
  • Stag (Europe/UK)
  • Hind (UK)
  • Doe (female)
  • Elder Buck
  • Senior Doe

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