what is spy hunter

What is Spy Hunter?

Spy Hunter is an action-adventure and vehicle combat video game developed and published by Midway in 1983. It is based on a streamlining of Atari’s 1980 game Subeactor. The game was originally released for the arcades and then re-released for various home video game consoles, including the Nintendo Entertainment System and the PlayStation Portable game consoles.


Spy Hunter is played from a top-down perspective and consists of four distinct stages. In each stage, the player pilots a spy car that is armed with a variety of weapons. The primary objective is to navigate the car through the treacherous terrain while eliminating hostile vehicles that chase the player. The player can defeat these vehicles by either shooting them or slamming into them while avoiding obstacles such as water, landmines, and oil slicks. When the player eliminates all of the hostile vehicles, they are rewarded with a new weapon or an upgrade to an existing weapon.

Weapons and upgrades

Spy Hunter features a variety of weapons and upgrades. Here is a list of the available weapons:

  • Machine gun: The standard weapon of the game, the machine gun fires straight ahead and can be upgraded to a rapid-fire style of fire.
  • Oil slicks: A slick of oil is released behind the car when fired. This can be used to slow down pursuing enemies.
  • Smoke screen: This releases a cloud of smoke in front of the car, obscuring pursuing enemies from view.
  • Missiles: This fires missiles that travel in a straight line and are capable of destroying several enemies in one shot.


Spy Hunter has had a lasting legacy and continues to be one of the most beloved classic video games. It has been ported to multiple systems, including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It has also been released as a mobile game, as well as an online browser game. Additionally, the game has been featured in several compilations, including Midway Arcade Treasures.

The game’s signature theme, backing up the title screen, has been featured in countless other games and is one of the most iconic pieces of game music of all time. Spy Hunter was also adapted into a feature film in 2003.

In conclusion, Spy Hunter is a classic top-down action game that is as beloved today as it was in 1983. With its signature theme and wide array of weapons and upgrades, the game captures the intensity and excitement of vehicle combat like no other.

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