What is the oldest food still edible?

What is the oldest food still edible?

The oldest food still edible and around today is from a surprisingly wide range of foods–some of which date back centuries if not millennia. From grains, dairy, and meats, to grains, cheeses, and candy, these foods hold a special place in our culinary culture.

Breads and Grains

Breads and grains have the longest history of being around with the oldest being wheat, which dates back to 9,000 BCE and is still widely relied on today as a dietary staple around the world. Other grains, such as rice, barley, and oats all have ancient origins dating back as far as 3,500 BCE.

Cheeses and Dairy

The process of curdling and fermenting dairy is remarkably ancient, with some of the oldest records of cheese production dating back to 7,500 years ago. Some of the earliest types of cheese, like Roquefort, have been around for centuries.

Meats and Seafood

Meats and seafood have been a part of diets for centuries. From cured and salted meats to raw fish, many of these foods are still common today. One of the oldest kinds of meat is bacon, which dates back to 2,400 BCE.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs have been around for thousands of years and are still commonplace in many cuisines. Some of the oldest fruits are grapes, dates, and figs, while the most popular herbs found in culinary dishes include sage, oregano, and thyme.

Sweets and Candy

Sweets and candy have been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries. The oldest kind of candy is honey, which has been used since ancient times as a sweetener and a medicine. Ancient Egyptians were known to make candy out of fruits and nuts that have been preserved in honey and then dipped in chocolate.


The oldest foods still edible today are a testament to our culinary history and the importance of tradition in the culinary culture. From grains and dairy, to meats, fruits, and sweets, these foods hold a special place in our diets and are enjoyed by many people around the world. No matter what the food is, it’s important to enjoy it, savor it, and learn from it.

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