What Religions Are Against Hunting?

What religions are against hunting?

What Religions are Against ?

Hunting has been around for many centuries, but certain religious beliefs have certain rules and regulations when it comes to hunting. Most of these religions prohibit hunting, disagreeing with it on various levels.


Buddhism is against hunting and killingbecause it disagrees with the concept of taking any living creature’s life. In Buddhism, it is believed that all living creatures have an equal right to live. Therefore, killing, whether it is hunting or not, goes against the core principles of the religion.


Hinduism also views hunting as unethical and, therefore, prohibited. Similar to Buddhism, Hinduism doesn’t agree with taking the life of any living being and believes that it is a sin. Moreover, many Hindu deities are associated with animals, and harming animals is considered to be a huge sin.


Jainism also finds hunting inadmissible, as it goes against the principle of non-violence. In order to achieve the highest level of spiritual liberation and enlightenment, Jains must practice ahimsa or non-violence and therefore cannot hunt.


In conclusion, it can be said that most religions are against hunting and killing animals. Most religions, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, have rules and regulations against killing and harming any living creature, as they all believe in the right to life of all living beings. Hunting, therefore, is considered to be unethical and goes against the core principles of these religions.

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