What size buck is considered a trophy?

What size buck is considered a trophy?

What Size Buck is Considered a Trophy?

For deer hunters, one of the greatest rewards is bagging a trophy buck. But what size buck is considered a “trophy”? As it turns out, choosing the right trophy buck can depend on several factors.

Size Criteria

When determining if a buck is considered a “trophy,” size is the first thing to consider. Generally speaking, a trophy buck will have the following qualities:

  • Antlers: 8 points or more
  • Weight: 200 pounds or more
  • Length: 200-300+ inches of antler tine length

A Personal Choice

At the end of the day, however, deciding whether a buck is a trophy is largely a matter of personal preference. Some hunters may deem a 6-point buck with antlers under 200 inches to be a trophy, while others may consider only a 10-point buck with antlers over 300 inches to be a trophy.

Ag-Tag Commemorative Bucks

Some hunters take the idea of a trophy buck one step further by “ag-tagging” their buck. This process involves having a buck specially crafted into a commemorative item, such as a mounted mount or replica. These items serve as benchmarks to help the hunter remember their great outdoor experiences.


Ultimately, what size buck is considered a trophy is a subjective matter that depends on individual tastes and preferences. Some hunters may want only the biggest racks, while others may be happy with just a small 6-point buck. However you decide to measure your trophy buck, it’s sure to be a rewarding experience.

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