Why can’t humans start food chains?

Why Can’t Humans Start Food Chains?

Starting a food chain can be an incredibly difficult process for any species, so naturally humans can’t do it. To understand why, we need to look at what it takes to not just create a food chain, but sustain it so that it becomes part of a larger ecosystem. Here are several reasons why humans can’t start a successful food chain on their own:

We Lack the Necessary Biological Adaptations

In order to start a food chain, humans would require a different set of biological adaptations than what we already possess. For instance, we can’t fly, swim in the depths of the sea, or subsist on small amounts of food like some creatures do. Without those adaptations, it’s impossible for us to create and sustain a food chain.

We Don’t Have the Time to Devote to It

Another factor that makes starting a food chain difficult for humans is the amount of time that it would require. We are used to our level of comfort, and few people would be willing to dedicate years of their lives to making a food chain work. We simply don’t have the willingness or the resources to devote to such a task.

We Lack Specialist Knowledge

In order to start a successful food chain, we would need to have a deep knowledge of the local environment. We would need to understand the plants and animals that make up the local ecosystem, and have the resources that would be necessary to create a new food chain. Unfortunately, most humans lack this kind of specialist knowledge, and so it’s impossible for us to create a successful food chain.


It’s clear that there are many factors that make it impossible for humans to start a food chain. We lack the necessary biological adaptations, the time to devote to such a task, and the specialist knowledge needed to succeed. While it would be fascinating to see if we could do it, it is likely that it will remain an out-of-reach dream for now.

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