Why Do Cops Use Shotguns?

Why do cops use shotguns?

Why Do Cops Use Shotguns?

Police officers use shotguns for many reasons, the most important being their versatility and effectiveness in a variety of situations. Shotguns have been the go-to weapon for law enforcement for decades, and their use is showing no signs of slowing down. Below are a few of the main advantages to why cops use shotguns.


Shotguns are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. They can fire both solid slugs and shot, making them extremely effective for close quarters combat or at a distance. They also have a low recoil, which makes them easy to operate, even when wearing heavier body armor.


Shotguns are known for their power due to the large amount of force they can generate. This can be extremely useful in certain situations, such as crowd control, competition shooting, and even home defense. The power of a shotgun coupled with its accuracy makes it one of the most popular choices for police forces.

Cost Effective

Shotguns are generally more cost effective than rifles, making them desirable for many police forces. They typically require less maintenance and are cheaper to purchase, making them an attractive option for both police departments and individual officers.


When used properly, shotguns can be incredibly effective. They have a high rate of fire and can be devastating under the right circumstances. They are also able to fire different types of ammunition, such as slugs, shot, bean bags, and rubber bullets, making them an invaluable tool for law enforcement.

In summary, shotguns are an effective and cost efficient weapon for law enforcement. Their versatility and power make them ideally suited for a variety of different situations, and their ability to fire multiple types of ammunition make them one of the most popular weapons for police officers.

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